Monday, June 24, 2013

week 25 in pictures

not entirely sure how I’m going to handle this week (or the next) in the book, because I have so many extra pics from our trip. I might include them in this book or I might make a separate photo book for them… or maybe both. we’ll see.

at any rate, sunday was father’s day, and we went for ice cream at snoqualmie gourmet ice cream. yum! these will be stuck in center slots at the start of the week. I love micah’s chocolate goatee.

031 033

sunday: layla has two caterpillars now. crawly, jr. joined us when dave found him crawling up his arm. we decided to make him a jar habitat, too. he’s just a tiny fellow.035

tuesday: the crazy day-before-trip-to-do-list has begun to take shape.038

also tuesday: one of the items on the list was to pick strawberries. we got a ton! so delicious.001

wednesday: a late dinner at on the border when we finally got to elk grove. so awesome to be out of the car and finally see everyone.096

thursday: didn’t waste any time getting into the pool.045

friday: layla got her birthday present early. julie, the american girl doll she wanted got to join the party in time for a trip to her hometown of san francisco and playtime with lily and hannah and their AG dolls! layla was SO excited!051

saturday: more swimming. papa was helping layla practice swimming without floaties.091

you can see the rest of the pictures from our trip here, here, here, and here.

I’ll post book shots at some point when I figure out what pictures I’m ordering and actually get these pages put together.

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