Tuesday, June 18, 2013

week 24 in pictures

sunday: costco has these awesome dyson hand dryers. it feels like it’s going to blow your skin off!002

monday: taco dinner w/ brenda and fam. dave made margaritas. totally awesome.003

tuesday: while we were outside eating on monday night, ginger helped herself to a 20 pack of flour tortillas that were sitting on the table. crazy dog. she was not feeling so hot for most of the next day. she finally came around about 4pm. I knew she was better because she wanted to chase balls. as usual.2013-06-18

a couple of instagrams I’ll be sticking in from tuesday and wednesday. the kids were playing with this obnoxious keyboard and left it turned on in the playroom. the next morning, toby, unsuspectingly, stepped on the keys. he was quite surprised and suspicious of it after that.017 020

wednesday: shane was in need of a haircut. I suppose in years to come, we’ll marvel over how “cheap” the cost of a haircut was… HA!025

thursday: silly micah insisted on eating his cereal with sunglasses on.027

friday: I’m waiting on a pic from a friend of our FABULOUS group at the MOMS Club end of year party.

saturday: my president’s gift from the lovely ladies of the MOMS Club – a teapot + yarn that I can use to make a tea cosy (I have been going on and on about by desire to do this forever!), some teas to go with it, and a hefty gift card to lululemon!015

a skinny of layla celebrating her last day of 2nd grade after getting off the bus for the last day of school!004

and some big collages of instagrams and other such nonsense from the week:2013-06-1842013-06-183

I will try to get the pictures in and take shots of the book tonight, but we’re going on vacation first thing in the morning, so that might get put on the back burner until we get back.


I’m linking up again!

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