Monday, June 3, 2013

week 22 in pictures

sunday: dave ran into monroe and caught this awesome double rainbow.IMAG0148

monday: memorial day. dave was off so we all went bowling. 034

tuesday: dave found a great ‘big boy’ bike for micah. he was super excited and was riding it by himself (without training wheels!) by the time he was halfway down the street.006

thursday: micah’s preschool graduation. 002 010015 - Copy

friday: micah and I joined layla at her school for the school picnic.2013-06-07

saturday: all playing came to an immediate halt when I pulled the oriental trading company party catalog out of the mailbox.042

also saturday: the yummy bbq smell wafting over from our neighbor’s house where a backyard wedding was being held drove us out looking for some bbq of our own. we wound up at carolina smoke at country village. the food was a bit disappointing, but the kids had fun watching the roaming chickens.050

and I have a bunch of big collages from the week.

bowling on monday:2013-06-073

extras from monday:2013-06-074

extras from the rest of the week:2013-06-075

school carnival on friday:2013-06-072

book shots:007011013

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