Friday, June 14, 2013


another insta-post for insta-friday. check it out…


here we go…

does this one actually NEED any explanation? 003

“hey mom! make a funny face!” (micah is obsessed with black and white pics. he’s always telling me to ‘turn it grey’. funny kid…)005

my hubby loves me! (and love crunch). seriously. this is the BEST cereal EVER. but it’s super expensive and comes in these tiny little bags, so I have to eat it in a tiny little bowl or I would eat the whole thing. seriously, like once a year we get this stuff. but it’s the bomb, I tell ya!007

sigh. my daughter is incapable of clearing her dishes. I do not know what it is. we are not a ‘leave your dishes on the table when you’re done’ kinda family. we clear our own. my youngest has been taking his own dishes to the sink since long before I was comfortable letting him do it. but the middle child… she seems to have some sort of mental blockage that prevents her from remembering that she needs to do this. EVERY MORNING, after she gets on the bus, I walk back into the kitchen and see THIS left on the table.009

this dog. she has an serious carb addiction. I cannot tell you how many loaves of bread we’ve lost to her. this time, it was a 20 pack of flour tortillas she nabbed off the table while we were all eating outside. grrr. at any rate, she got what she deserved because she was feeling pretty sick for almost a full 24 hours after the incident. this is what carboverdose aftermath looks like. look at that swollen belly hanging out.011

and… she’s finally feeling better. run it off.014

I curse this stupid keyboard. it has the most obnoxious preset music, and of course, that’s all my children want to do with it. they think it’s totally awesome to play a neverending loop of electronic jingle bells at top volume and then speed up the tempo until you’re quite certain that the keyboard itself is on meth.017

haha. they left it turned on and the cat made the mistake of stepping on it. he’s now quite suspicious of this unexpected noise maker.020


did you hear? the 80s are back! my daughter has been rocking the side pony for 3 days straight now…003

and I’ll leave you with this one. good morning… now where the heck is my coffee?005

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  1. Mmmm. Margaritas. I've been meaning to make some myself this week, but I never did and now it's time to work the weekend. Such a tragedy! Stopping by from Life Rearranged, and I checked out a few other posts. Love the bowling collage and the pic of the family in bowling shoes!



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