Saturday, June 29, 2013

cali trip: day 10

it was another scorcher! 279

the day started with laurie’s famous french toast (cut in squares, of course).283

then we (everyone except papa, who was coming down with a cold) headed out to the theater to see monsters university. everyone loved it.

after the movie, gramma laurie to shane shopping at kohl’s for his birthday present.

back at home, gramma jackie let layla pick through some of her seashells, after her tiny prized sand dollar had gotten broken the night before.285

even julie was ready for the hot day.287

a minor mishap when the hot water tap broke. dave and gary tried to fix it, with no success.289

I did my best to get all of our stuff packed up and ready to leave the next morning. then it was back in the pool, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. IMAG0396

how micah ‘dries off’.291

one last in-n-out burger for dinner. I like my double-double protein style with grilled onions, added pickles, and no sauce. yum. best burger ever.292

then layla got to open her birthday present from gramma and papa. she got the flamingo outfit she’d seen at costco (that happens to almost match the outfit she got from aunt mary and uncle joe for julie) and a cute pair of sandals.300

then we all lazed around and watched the jungle book before it was time for last stories, snuggles, and good nights.304

our last night of tent trailer accommodations.307

Friday, June 28, 2013

cali trip: day 9

the temperature was creeping up near 100* and we were all glad to have a day of nothing but swimming. micah was out of his jammies and into his swim suit by about 8. we swam all morning.

after a late lunch, we had a mandatory ‘out of the pool and chill out’ time and put on finding nemo.

dave did this:276

gary made some delicious ribs for dinner, which layla loved and micah refused to try. this resulted in no more swimming for him and he was made to get his jammies on.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

cali trip: day 8

after a TERRIBLE night’s sleep, we got up, made eggs and bacon for breakfast, cleaned up and tore down. we were off, back into the park for some real sight seeing.

first glimpse of half dome.IMAG0324

after finding a place to park, we were ready for our first hike to find bridal veil falls.IMAG0328IMAG0331IMAG0334

dave, shane, and nolan scrambled way up the rocks.IMAG0336IMAG0340IMAG0342IMAG0344240

layla, micah, and I only scrambled up the bottom ones… see those two people behind layla? this was right before they both fell into the water, waist-deep. the rocks were very smooth, which is why I did not let the younger two keep going, much to their disappointment.242244245IMAG0350248250

back in the valley. 253 

we had some lunch, perused the gift shop, and then headed out to find yosemite falls.

they had several of these fences, presumably around trees they wanted to protect. this one had a chipmumk hanging on the side, completely immobile. I seriously thought it was dead. it just sat there. after several minutes, it finally turned its head. so weird.IMAG0354

view of the very top of yosemite falls.IMAG0356 

view of half dome through the trees en route to the bottom of yosemite falls.IMAG0361IMAG0362

when we got in there, it was awesome. there were rocks and pools at the bottom of the falls. tons of kids wading and swimming. we all kind of wished we had bathing suits, because it was very hot.IMAG0365260

so pretty.IMAG0372

we did scramble down some rocks and put our feet in. the water was so cold!IMAG0378261265268

after being super careful about making sure everyone’s shoes were accounted for, that no one fell in, and keeping tabs on layla who was determined to take her wading to the very edge of what can still be called “wading” and not “swimming”, I managed to drop one of micah’s socks into the water. 270

el capitan.IMAG0393

one last shot of half dome.271

waiting for nolan to meet us with the truck. layla was “soooo hot. she was gonna die.” it was hot, but she’s just a tad dramatic.272 - Copy

the drive out of there was long and hot. we saw a lot of nothing, and then some farms and ranches. we came though turlock (home of colin kaepernick), and found a dairy queen for some well-deserved blizzards.

the dairy queen, in addition to being air conditioned, had this huge industrial fan. 273

between that and the ice cream, I was frozen. 274

I was happy to get back outside and warm up. everyone thought I was nuts.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

cali trip: day 7

off to yosemite!

we hit the road in the morning in a borrowed truck pulling a borrowed tent trailer. the truck was huge and the situation had been described as “a gnat on the back of a whale”. pretty funny.


nolan came with us, and he was the only who had ever been to yosemite before.

the views in the valley did not disappoint. so gorgeous.208209

so we stopped and took a ton of pictures and planned what we wanted to do the next day.IMAG0303210211

the grass in this field was so tall the kids were playing hide and seek in it. when they sat down, you couldn’t see them.213

on the way to find our camp ground, we saw several of these signs. I thought they were awesome. (and no, we didn’t see any actual bears.)216

after we got there and got the tent trailer set up, shane and I unloaded some stuff and put layla and micah in charge of gathering sticks for kindling. we hadn’t brought any wood, and the campsite was out, so dave and nolan took the hatchet and went in search of downed branches in the woods. there were plenty, and they got a good haul of firewood. IMAG0310

dinner prep.219227

the view from our campsite.229

after dinner, we played some cards while we waited for it to get dark. then it was time to make s’mores. (micah was VERY excited about this part. it got him over his disappointment that we couldn’t go back to gramma and papa’s and swim.)IMAG0314IMAG0317IMAG0316236

I love camping. my favorite part is just sitting around, chatting, and staring at the fire.


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