Monday, May 27, 2013

week 21 in pictures

there is not a lot of variety in this week’s pictures. the biggest excitement came in the form of my long awaited clothesline.

sunday: first load hung up!143

monday: basketball hoop propping up the saggy line in the middle.2013-05-281

tuesday: micah, demonstrating what he does as the “light helper” at preschool when that’s his job. he also has to check and make sure the bathroom lights are out when they leave the room.002

wednesday: not related to the clothesline, but following the same theme… year-round, we have a lot of cycling/workout clothes that must be line dried. we’ve had a couple of different contraptions that we’ve used to accomplish this, but I suggested that we install a closet rod on the wall next to the washer so it would be handy, high enough off the ground to be out of the way, and permanent. 008

thursday: rainy track meet. layla and micah huddled under the umbrella in the bleachers and ate snacks.022

friday: another clothesline shot. sorry. I’m sort of obsessed. the novelty is sure to wear off eventually, right?004

saturday: layla went to a roller skating birthday party and opted to rent roller blades this time instead of quads. it seems the birthday girl had told her ahead of time that she should wear white because it will glow under the rink’s black lights. she wanted white from head to toe, and thought she couldn’t wear a shirt with any printing on it. I assured here it would be okay. the most white we could come up with was a mostly white shirt and a skirt with white tights. apparently she glowed just fine and was quite pleased with her outfit. (side note: I just love that this rink has figures drawn on the wood. I never really thought about roller skaters doing figures, but ice skaters certainly did (sadly, no longer). of course, most skating rinks are shared with hockey players, and the hockey markings seem to always be there under the ice. also, because every level had different figures associated with it and the size of your figures was related to your height, you couldn’t just have them painted on. we all had our own scribes which scratched the circles into the ice. and then there was the ‘loop’ tracer (see the loop [curlicue] at the top of the figure?) which you would trace with a marker. oh wow… that was an odd and unexpected trip down memory lane. I really hope there are a couple skaters reading this post because everyone else just glazed over. LOL!IMAG0142

and some skinnies: 1) white board drawing layla made of a town she made up called hedge hog valley. 2) I had an enormous pile of ironing to tackle. ginger is such a clingy people dog. she always wants to be where you are, regardless of what you’re doing.

002 023

and I made two big collages of my instagram pics for the week. they didn’t come out square, but I’m going to decide that I don’t care.2013-05-2822013-05-283

book shots 048051054

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  1. your collection of photos are a great way of documenting the family life



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