Monday, May 20, 2013

week 20 in pictures

sunday: just a little snuggle w/ my littlest boy and our teddy bears.003

monday: after dinner, shane and micah had some brother bonding time where they disappeared to the play room and proceeded to make an arsenal of tinkertoy weapons. then they spent the next half hour running around the house and through the woods, protecting us from some unknown enemy.079

tuesday: the north side of our driveway. the big rhodies are all in bloom.087

wednesday: dress rehearsal time. first time on the big stage.102

thursday: track meet for shane. the start of the 70m, which he won.117

friday: all ready for the first performance of the ballet recital. since grandma couldn’t come to see it live, we stopped by on the way so she could see her all ready with her costume and hair and makeup done.126

saturday: I volunteered to be the back stage mom for our class for the saturday 3:00 show. wow. we were stuck in a tiny dressing room with 3-4 other classes (depending on who was performing at the time) for 3 hours. at most, there were probably 40 little girls in there with me and a couple other moms. wow. it was hot, stuffy, LOUD, and a little bit crazy. but everyone survived, including me (just barely). 135

and a couple of skinnies for center slots: 1) micah, as a clock. 2) pink tulips from daddy on after friday night’s performance.

002 129

I had quite a few extra pictures this week, so I made 2 big collages2013-05-0212013-05-203

book shots:


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