Monday, May 13, 2013

week 19 in pictures

sunday: my poor, deprived children had nothing to swim in last summer, and the $5 slip & slide finally bit it last year, so we were on a mission to find something to fit the bill. this is what we wound up with. totally cool.063

monday: after school on monday, layla’s newest friend from up the street came over to play in the water.005

wednesday: first track meet of the year. shane got a first, second, and third in the 3 events he ran in. this is the handoff in the 4x400 relay.030

thursday: mother’s day tea at preschool. selfie of micah and i. totally delightful.040

friday: outdoor bath time for ginger. she looks so pathetic when she’s wet and miserable.048

also friday: my aunt and cousin came up to visit my mom. we broke in their fire pit that night. terrible in-the-dark phone picture, but it’s the best I’ve got.054

saturday: our spring-time front porch.059

a couple of skinnies: 1) micah with his flower crafts from the tea. don’t you love how he ‘dressed up’ for me? I suggested a collared shirt, but he was NOT interested. so we have the grinch shirt, cargo shorts, red converse, and his bright green mike wuzowski socks. awesome. 2) I am bacon. yes, I am.

041 061

and a big collage of some extras from the week.2013-05-13

book shots :


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