Monday, May 6, 2013

week 18 in pictures

monday: just one of those things you have to do… micah despises having his nails clipped. always has.005

tuesday: one of the many odd positions layla gets into when doing homework… at least she’s using her desk… just not in the traditional way. apparently chairs are overrated.022

wednesday: oh, be still my little, fluttering heart.025

thursday: according to dave, this is my biggest failing. I am forever leaving cupboard doors open. it drives him crazy.027

friday: how MOMS enjoy a sunny day playgroup.031

there were kids there, too!032

saturday: layla is learning that many hours spent on rings and monkey bars takes a toll on one’s hands.055

a couple skinnies: 1) a sunday school student with her coat on backwards (not to be confused with cousin it). 2) the totally ginormous weed I dug out of my rose garden on saturday.

001 043

and I had so many extra pictures this week that I wanted to use so I made some big collages to throw in the middle of the week’s spread.2013-05-0622013-05-063

book shots:


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