Wednesday, April 17, 2013

week 15 in pictures

sunday: this ginormous dog showed up in the church nursery. layla was beside herself! it looks just like my parents’ former neighbors’ dog, fergus.090

also sunday: dave hauled me outside for a run in the afternoon, and after, layla and micah wanted to go for a run, too. so we all ran up and down the road, multiple times.096

tuesday: my first off-road run. breaking in my trail shoes.2013-04-175

also tuesday: when I went to pick micah up from preschool, there was a cement truck on the playground, pouring the forms for the new sandbox. seriously, what could be more exciting to happen at preschool?!006

wednesday: I’m going to be writing a review of some awesome yo-yo products over at momstart. they arrived, and shane was SO excited to see a kendama in the box. apparently, this is “the coolest toy ever” and people bring them to jr. high to mess with between classes. who knew?2013-04-17

also wednesday: micah decided to do some “exercising” before bed… to “keep my body straight”… okay, dude.023

saturday: it’s a picture of me, working on project life, to put in project life. haha. I had 3 weeks’ worth of pictures and journaling to take care of. felt good to get it all in the book finally!043

and some skinnies:

  1. micah as “captain fork”!
  2. my thursday run down on the slough trail.
  3. the ‘jenga bugs’ were having a race. micah loves to play games, but he rarely PLAYS the game…

004 034037

book shots:


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