Monday, April 8, 2013

week 14 in pictures

sunday: it was easter! but we didn’t make it back until late morning, since we’d spent the night at kat and cole’s again. when we got home, we had to jump into action to get dinner prepared, the house picked up, and a run to the grocery store. the kids really wanted to dye eggs, so dave was a hero and took on that job (I HATE dyeing eggs. HATE IT.) but layla and micah we thrilled.034

tuesday: MOMS Club trip to the zoo! this is layla and micah with friends by the bronze monkey sculpture. they had fun being monkeys. layla and micah were off this week for spring break, but shane still had school.004

also tuesday: we are enforcing the 5 bite rule for micah if he wants to earn ANY screen time at all the next day. if he doesn’t take 5 bites of his dinner, he cannot watch tv, play wii or xbox, use anyone’s phones, play on his leapster, or the computer. nothing. sometimes it’s motivating, sometimes not. apparently pizza is not the most offensive of dinner options, since he did take his bites, but you can see he doesn’t love it. at least there was no gagging…2013-04-0812

wednesday: micah made a ‘toolbox’ and some ‘tools’ out of duplos. in addition to the ‘hammer’ in his hand, there is a ‘wrench’ and a ‘screwdriver’ in his ‘toolbelt’. LOL.061

thursday: we had some time to kill around lunch time, so I took layla and micah to red robin. I had an iced tea and micah wanted one of my lemons. layla decided to try one too… 2013-04-0811

friday: morning commute from hell. I was taking shane to school (normally, about a 10 mile/20 minute drive), and the main road we take to get over to the area where his school is was closed because (I later found out) a tree had fallen across the road. but we didn’t know this until we got halfway down the road. so we had to turn around and go back and reroute to go a different road, that is further out of the way. on that road, we get stuck behind a school bus that is stopping ever 10 feet to pick up kids the for about a mile. then, we get onto the main road that takes us up by his school, and there is road construction. they’ve got one lane of the the 2 lane road closed, so they have flaggers and all that. awesome. he finally gets to school about 15 minutes late. we’ve now been on the road an hour. at this point, I’m weighing my options about how I’m going to get back… I know there’s terrible traffic the way I just came. maybe whatever was the reason behind the road being closed is gone now, and I can get through. so I try it. nope. I get halfway in the other direction, and the road is still closed. so I have to reroute and brave the traffic. but I’m coming to the awareness that the 2 large cups of coffee I’ve had that morning are really ‘pressing’ me. but I’m wearing my jammies (of course), and I’m about to sit in more traffic for who knows how long. so as I’m sitting there in traffic, doing the potty dance, I wonder to myself if my friend summer is home still… so I resorted to texting her to ask if I could make a potty stop at her house. yup. it was awesome. but thank goodness she was home because it took me another half hour to get through that traffic and back home again. there’s no way I would have made it! thank you, summer!081 (2)

saturday: dave walked around the corner and found micah like this. he asked him what he was doing, and he said, “I won the race!” um… congratulations, dude. nice trophy.088

and some skinnies: 1) after the easter egg hunt. 2) toby decided to squeeze into the tv cabinet for some reason. 3) micah was impressed with the ‘fork shadow’ on his menu at red robin.

039 052066

and I have some bigger collages of pics I took at the zoo.2013-04-08152013-04-0816

book shots:


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