Tuesday, April 9, 2013

so… what’s up with all the running?

about 5 weeks ago, I started running. not like in a forrest gump “I just felt like run-ning” kind of way, but I consciously decided that I wanted to be a runner.


because I can’t run.

because I hate to run.

because I suck at running.

all words that, in my wise old age, I’ve learned to, not only to NOT accept, but to view as a challenge.

I hate being limited.

this is not something like being limited by my age, or gender, or socioeconomic status, or geographical location, or any of the things about myself which are more or less out of my control. this is about ME being limited by ME.

there is very little that I find quite so motivating.

and so, I started running. I downloaded a couch to 5k running app to my phone, and got started.

now, 5 weeks later, I’m going strong. still motivated, encouraged, but discouraged at the same time.

up until sunday, all of my running has been done indoors on the treadmill. boring, but controlled. no hills, no wind or rain, no mud or roots to avoid. I know that I can’t go into a race with that as my only prep.

so on sunday, in the middle of the afternoon, dave said, “hey! let’s go for a run!” and I was like, “now?”

that’s what he meant. so we went and got all bundled up in weather-appropriate running attire (it was a little chilly). we just ran around our neighborhood, but oh my goodness, it knocked me down a few pegs.

first of all, it was windy. I didn’t have anything over my ears, so the wind was blowing right into them. omg, that hurt. then there was the cold air. when I was skating, I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the cold temperature of the air than it did the actual exercise, because that’s what kicks it in. so I’m gasping for breath and borderline wheezing. and then there were the HILLS. ugh. I do not like hills. or maybe hills don’t like me. I don’t know, but they wiped me out. I had to slow to a walk more times than I was happy about, that’s for sure.

but it was good for me to see that I’m not quite as prepared as I thought I was, and I need to be better conditioned for the conditions.

I didn’t run at all yesterday, so today, after I dropped micah off at preschool (and came back home to pick up his coat and drop it off at the preschool), I headed over to a local area with some wooded trails that is popular with hikers and mountain bikers. I spent about 45 minutes on the trails and logged a total of 3.7 miles. I ran and walked with no particular schedule. I just ran until I was tired and then walked until I caught my breath. it’s pretty hilly with lots of twists and turns, so it was definitely an off-road experience. lots of fun.

I think on thursday, I’ll try somewhere else with different conditions.

oh, and I did manage to solve the cold ears problem with a fleece headband thing I’ve had for years. it’s not the most attractive look pulled on over my hat, but it does the trick. now I just need some decent headphones. the ones I was using today sucked and I yanked them out after about 5 seconds of scratchy, warbley music. listened to chirping birds instead.


my trail shoes – brooks puregrit. love them.004

my road shoes – brooks pureconnect. love them every bit as much as the others. 089

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