Monday, April 29, 2013

flakey flakey flake flake

pretty much every monday SUCKS.

part of it is probably ‘weekend hangover’. no, that doesn’t mean we drank too much on the weekend, just that we were too much in weekend mode. the rest, the break from routine, etc.

every monday, layla is late for school.

every monday, I forget to eat breakfast. I’ll be running out the door, late, on my way to drop her off on my way to work out, when I realize, #$*%!, I haven’t eaten, and will likely keel over midway through if I don’t put something in me!

on mondays, I take shane to school. he doesn’t have jazz band (same as wednesdays, but they never seem as bad for some reason), so I take him and my dad stays w/ layla and micah at my house so they don’t have to get drug along. I get back (if we leave on time) at around 7:55, and the bus comes at 8:04 for layla. so unless I wake her up before 7 and get her hair done before I leave to take shane, the likelihood of her getting on the bus is very low. waking her up early on monday mornings is even more torturous than on other mornings, too, so I usually just let her sleep and then drive her later. but every time I drive her, we’re late!

I have a serious inability to leave on time. I have a very slightly better chance of leaving on time if I am going alone, but having any kids with me makes it even worse. I don’t know what it is. I don’t have things scattered through out the house. I know about keeping my keys in ONE place (yes, I learned this after years of doing it the hard way). our shoes are generally always in the laundry room (which leads to the garage). layla’s backpack lives in the laundry room, and is generally packed up the night before.

it’s not that we’re not dressed or ready to go in plenty of time. it’s the actual crunch time of when it’s time to leave that everything falls apart. I don’t know what it is! I say something like “put on your shoes”, or “time to go”, or “get in the car” and it’s like a signal for everything to go haywire. I don’t even know what happens, but somewhere between looking at the clock, making the announcement, and actually pulling out of the driveway 10 minutes later, people disappear. shoes that were just there disappear. cell phones that I just had in my hand disappear. people get yelled at. people cry. people fall down. people cry. people find toys that having been missing for a month and have miraculously reappeared.

every monday, I pull out of my driveway in a huff, swearing under my breath, and wondering WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME???

I know that those ‘born organized’ people out there are just rolling their eyes and thinking, well duh! if you would just ______________, then everything would be fine and you would get there in plenty of time.

you’re probably right. I’m sure that someone (other than me) could look at my morning and think, “good gracious, woman! you’re lucky you’re all still alive, nevermind getting someplace.”

I don’t know what it is. I know I’m an enormous flake. I know I am distracted and forgetful, and generally unaware of how long it takes me to do anything or get anywhere.

some days, I can accept this about myself and just assume I have other gifts that make up for this. other days, I can’t remember what those gifts are and I just beat myself up for the millionth time because I can never just seem to get with the flow of life. swimming upstream. that’s what life feels like for me. every. day.

unless it’s the weekend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

week 17 in pictures

sunday: dave and micah pirate fighting.011

monday: sunny, warm day = me reading in the backyard. all afternoon…001

tuesday: they got their recital costumes… so exciting!!!!009

wednesday: micah’s odd way of playing games strikes again.375

friday: ever since they made a baking soda volcano in sunday school, layla has been begging to make one at home.383

friday: micah’s latest tinkertoy creation. it’s a blueberry maker. when I asked him how to make blueberries, he said, “oh, you just put blue juice in it!”387

saturday: totally just loving on the cat.391

some skinnies:

006 010392 393

book shots


Monday, April 22, 2013

week 16 in pictures

sunday: big fat cake pop disaster. I had been dreading making these because I was pretty sure this is how it was going to turn out. confirmed. after a couple failed attempts, I threw all the rest into the freezer and left them there a few days while I simmered down. then I returned to them, frozen, and managed to get them all covered in melted candy and sprinkles without too much disaster. they did not, however, look attractive AT ALL.050

also sunday: that afternoon, micah suddenly spiked this crazy fever. he said his throat hurt, and his fever just kept creeping up and up and up. it topped out around 104. layla made him this lovely nest on the couch, where he slept most of the evening. (strangely enough, he woke up the next morning, healthy as a horse. no fever, no sore throat, ready to take on the day.)055

monday: dry day in april = quick! mow the lawn!060

some unidentified day of the week: layla’s birthday wish list. her #1 item is always the same. always. 065

thursday: shane and friend ready to go demolish some shrubs and blackberries in the forest… tractor, weed whacker, machete, axes… good times.006

friday: in the same way that layla’s go-to problem solving medium is paper, micah’s is tinkertoys. the boy will make anything out of them. the latest creations are a steering wheel and a pogo stick.2013-04-221

saturday: toothless vampire layla. the right one came out a couple of weeks ago. the left she yanked out that morning. we’re up to 8 lost teeth now.004

and some skinnies:

1) micah, on monday morning. dressed, happy, and chasing a balloon. no sign of the previous evening’s illness.

2) my tolt pipeline run on tuesday.

056 066

book shots:

I got the first half’s worth of pictures back today with last week’s, so I put it together and took a pic when I had the book out to photograph last week’s. more to be added later.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

week 15 in pictures

sunday: this ginormous dog showed up in the church nursery. layla was beside herself! it looks just like my parents’ former neighbors’ dog, fergus.090

also sunday: dave hauled me outside for a run in the afternoon, and after, layla and micah wanted to go for a run, too. so we all ran up and down the road, multiple times.096

tuesday: my first off-road run. breaking in my trail shoes.2013-04-175

also tuesday: when I went to pick micah up from preschool, there was a cement truck on the playground, pouring the forms for the new sandbox. seriously, what could be more exciting to happen at preschool?!006

wednesday: I’m going to be writing a review of some awesome yo-yo products over at momstart. they arrived, and shane was SO excited to see a kendama in the box. apparently, this is “the coolest toy ever” and people bring them to jr. high to mess with between classes. who knew?2013-04-17

also wednesday: micah decided to do some “exercising” before bed… to “keep my body straight”… okay, dude.023

saturday: it’s a picture of me, working on project life, to put in project life. haha. I had 3 weeks’ worth of pictures and journaling to take care of. felt good to get it all in the book finally!043

and some skinnies:

  1. micah as “captain fork”!
  2. my thursday run down on the slough trail.
  3. the ‘jenga bugs’ were having a race. micah loves to play games, but he rarely PLAYS the game…

004 034037

book shots:


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

so… what’s up with all the running?

about 5 weeks ago, I started running. not like in a forrest gump “I just felt like run-ning” kind of way, but I consciously decided that I wanted to be a runner.


because I can’t run.

because I hate to run.

because I suck at running.

all words that, in my wise old age, I’ve learned to, not only to NOT accept, but to view as a challenge.

I hate being limited.

this is not something like being limited by my age, or gender, or socioeconomic status, or geographical location, or any of the things about myself which are more or less out of my control. this is about ME being limited by ME.

there is very little that I find quite so motivating.

and so, I started running. I downloaded a couch to 5k running app to my phone, and got started.

now, 5 weeks later, I’m going strong. still motivated, encouraged, but discouraged at the same time.

up until sunday, all of my running has been done indoors on the treadmill. boring, but controlled. no hills, no wind or rain, no mud or roots to avoid. I know that I can’t go into a race with that as my only prep.

so on sunday, in the middle of the afternoon, dave said, “hey! let’s go for a run!” and I was like, “now?”

that’s what he meant. so we went and got all bundled up in weather-appropriate running attire (it was a little chilly). we just ran around our neighborhood, but oh my goodness, it knocked me down a few pegs.

first of all, it was windy. I didn’t have anything over my ears, so the wind was blowing right into them. omg, that hurt. then there was the cold air. when I was skating, I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the cold temperature of the air than it did the actual exercise, because that’s what kicks it in. so I’m gasping for breath and borderline wheezing. and then there were the HILLS. ugh. I do not like hills. or maybe hills don’t like me. I don’t know, but they wiped me out. I had to slow to a walk more times than I was happy about, that’s for sure.

but it was good for me to see that I’m not quite as prepared as I thought I was, and I need to be better conditioned for the conditions.

I didn’t run at all yesterday, so today, after I dropped micah off at preschool (and came back home to pick up his coat and drop it off at the preschool), I headed over to a local area with some wooded trails that is popular with hikers and mountain bikers. I spent about 45 minutes on the trails and logged a total of 3.7 miles. I ran and walked with no particular schedule. I just ran until I was tired and then walked until I caught my breath. it’s pretty hilly with lots of twists and turns, so it was definitely an off-road experience. lots of fun.

I think on thursday, I’ll try somewhere else with different conditions.

oh, and I did manage to solve the cold ears problem with a fleece headband thing I’ve had for years. it’s not the most attractive look pulled on over my hat, but it does the trick. now I just need some decent headphones. the ones I was using today sucked and I yanked them out after about 5 seconds of scratchy, warbley music. listened to chirping birds instead.


my trail shoes – brooks puregrit. love them.004

my road shoes – brooks pureconnect. love them every bit as much as the others. 089

Monday, April 8, 2013

week 14 in pictures

sunday: it was easter! but we didn’t make it back until late morning, since we’d spent the night at kat and cole’s again. when we got home, we had to jump into action to get dinner prepared, the house picked up, and a run to the grocery store. the kids really wanted to dye eggs, so dave was a hero and took on that job (I HATE dyeing eggs. HATE IT.) but layla and micah we thrilled.034

tuesday: MOMS Club trip to the zoo! this is layla and micah with friends by the bronze monkey sculpture. they had fun being monkeys. layla and micah were off this week for spring break, but shane still had school.004

also tuesday: we are enforcing the 5 bite rule for micah if he wants to earn ANY screen time at all the next day. if he doesn’t take 5 bites of his dinner, he cannot watch tv, play wii or xbox, use anyone’s phones, play on his leapster, or the computer. nothing. sometimes it’s motivating, sometimes not. apparently pizza is not the most offensive of dinner options, since he did take his bites, but you can see he doesn’t love it. at least there was no gagging…2013-04-0812

wednesday: micah made a ‘toolbox’ and some ‘tools’ out of duplos. in addition to the ‘hammer’ in his hand, there is a ‘wrench’ and a ‘screwdriver’ in his ‘toolbelt’. LOL.061

thursday: we had some time to kill around lunch time, so I took layla and micah to red robin. I had an iced tea and micah wanted one of my lemons. layla decided to try one too… 2013-04-0811

friday: morning commute from hell. I was taking shane to school (normally, about a 10 mile/20 minute drive), and the main road we take to get over to the area where his school is was closed because (I later found out) a tree had fallen across the road. but we didn’t know this until we got halfway down the road. so we had to turn around and go back and reroute to go a different road, that is further out of the way. on that road, we get stuck behind a school bus that is stopping ever 10 feet to pick up kids the for about a mile. then, we get onto the main road that takes us up by his school, and there is road construction. they’ve got one lane of the the 2 lane road closed, so they have flaggers and all that. awesome. he finally gets to school about 15 minutes late. we’ve now been on the road an hour. at this point, I’m weighing my options about how I’m going to get back… I know there’s terrible traffic the way I just came. maybe whatever was the reason behind the road being closed is gone now, and I can get through. so I try it. nope. I get halfway in the other direction, and the road is still closed. so I have to reroute and brave the traffic. but I’m coming to the awareness that the 2 large cups of coffee I’ve had that morning are really ‘pressing’ me. but I’m wearing my jammies (of course), and I’m about to sit in more traffic for who knows how long. so as I’m sitting there in traffic, doing the potty dance, I wonder to myself if my friend summer is home still… so I resorted to texting her to ask if I could make a potty stop at her house. yup. it was awesome. but thank goodness she was home because it took me another half hour to get through that traffic and back home again. there’s no way I would have made it! thank you, summer!081 (2)

saturday: dave walked around the corner and found micah like this. he asked him what he was doing, and he said, “I won the race!” um… congratulations, dude. nice trophy.088

and some skinnies: 1) after the easter egg hunt. 2) toby decided to squeeze into the tv cabinet for some reason. 3) micah was impressed with the ‘fork shadow’ on his menu at red robin.

039 052066

and I have some bigger collages of pics I took at the zoo.2013-04-08152013-04-0816

book shots:



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