Monday, March 4, 2013

week 9 in pictures

sunday: micah and ella snuggling up during the children’s message at church. LOVE this! 035

also sunday: my sunday school girls working on arranging the words of their memory verse in the right order.032

another skinny of my ss girls, plus one of micah doing some ‘weeding’ in my parents’ backyard. these will go into center slots.

033 005

monday: a nightly occurrence – dave checking shane’s math homework.004

wednesday: tuesday evening, I found myself at urgent care due to a very unwelcome UTI. 008

thursday: for R week at preschool, micah’s class made a giant robot! isn’t it awesome? all those red dots are his doing! 020

friday: 10 year old dog snagging a frisbee out of the air…040

saturday: we headed down to visit amy and meet her new baby boy for the first time! while there, sue and layla constructed a huge lincoln log hotel. 024

and some instagrams:

006 019 038041 002 012015 017 022031

book shots:


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