Monday, March 25, 2013

week 12 in pictures

sunday: just a sampling of things the kids did that day: make shift xylophone playing; cat snuggling; brady bunch watching.2013-04-08

monday: ginger. always ready with the ball. hoping someone will play with her.047

tuesday: she has to be on the bus in 40 minutes.052

wednesday: super messy playroom. he was supposed to be cleaning it up.064

thursday: jazz band concert at the high school. the teachers got to play. it was awesome.075

friday: woke up to a ton of snow and it just kept dumping. shane did not have a delay, but layla did. the road was nasty. I kept shane home, and we walked down to the bottom of the hill where the bus picks up on snow routes. 2 hour delay + early dismissal for conferences = a very short day for layla.085

saturday: even though we were buried in snow the day before, saturday was SO gorgeous. layla was off at camp lutherwood and shane was helping grandpa with yard work, so dave, micah and I went for a walk down on the waterfront. that’s seattle across the lake.IMAG0047

a couple of skinnies I’m sticking in center slots… 1 - me trying to stretch = the dog totally getting in my face. she thinks I do it so I can pet her or love on her. 2 – dave and I at the movie theatre on an impromptu date night. we had a nourishing and romantic dinner of taco bell in the car before dashing into the theater to see ‘silver linings playbook’. it was a great movie, and we figured out that it was the first time since before micah was born that he and I went to a movie alone!

065 095

and I have some big collages that I will use as inserts of the extra snow pictures and the pictures from our walk on the waterfront.2013-04-0852013-04-086

book shots:


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