Monday, March 18, 2013

week 11 in pictures

monday: made a dinner that made a huge mess and lots of dishes. it was yummy, but not good enough to be worth the mess.046

tuesday: my tuesday/thursday/saturday destination: barre3. love it…048

also tuesday: day 1 of my “couch to 5k” running program. I didn’t die, nothing hurt, and I went 2.02 miles in 30 minutes. I guess I have to do it again.052

wednesday: micah, pouting in his closet about his shorts. he was very sad when I put his shorts away last october, and has been begging to have them back, counting down until april, when I said he could have them back. when I sent him to get dressed for preschool, he just cried in the closet because he wanted to wear shorts, not pants.059

thursday: layla’s mountain of dogs.020

friday: micah, hanging out at a MOMS club playgroup.026

saturday: noticed this, walking through the room. apparently micah felt he needed some hand weights, too.031

and a couple I’ll use as skinnies to stick in center slots. mom and layla selfie, early in the morning. a terrible, unflattering gem that I discovered micah took during my aerobics class on friday morning. yes, we wear belly dancing skirts. they jingle. it makes it super fun to shake your hips!

058 023

and a non-square collage of instagrams from the week. 2013-03-242

book shots:



  1. Matthew cried when I told him it was getting warm enough to not wear his heavy coat.

    1. sometimes micah cries if i make him wear his heavy coat. my kids ALL hate coats. HATE them.



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