Wednesday, March 27, 2013

crappy day

this is a rant. sort of. more like a whine. it’s totally self-indulgent and unnecessary, but oh well. my blog.

this morning just kind of totally really sucked. nothing major happened. no one died (well, not anyone I know. but it’s a big world.) everything was fine until I took shane to school. well, that part was fine, too. except that I noticed that I needed gas. kind of badly.

but I was wearing my pajamas.

(yes, I do this. I’m THAT mom. I drive my kid to junior high wearing pj pants, a hoodie, and my slippers. I never have to go outside, nobody has to see me… I’m safely concealed inside my minivan.)

so I really didn’t want to have to stop on the way home to get gas.

I went back and forth about it. this is the ONLY situation in which I wish I lived in oregon, where you are not allowed to pump your own gas. ultimately, I decided against it.

I estimated that I had enough gas to get home, plus the few miles back to the gas station, which is right near where I have to drop both micah and layla off at their respective schools.

so that was my plan.

go home, get ready (shower, put on real clothes), eat breakfast, take layla to school, get gas, take micah to school, go to workout, go from there to buy new running shoes, go to costco, pick up micah, head home.

I only had about 35 minutes in which to get myself and the kids ready. fortunately, I’d made their lunches ahead of time. this shouldn’t be an issue.

so, it’s getting down to crunch time. we’ve got to head out now or layla is going to be late. layla being late means that my whole schedule got messed up. if she’s late (or even JUST on time, for that matter), then I won’t have time to get gas before dropping micah off and then I’ll have to do it after, which will make ME late.

well, that’s just what happened. as soon as I send micah to get his shoes off of the back porch, the cat escapes. ugh. so then I have to spend several minutes I DON’T have to spare coaxing the cat out from under the porch.

I realize that I haven’t had time to eat. so I grab a trio bar and dump the remains of a smoothie I made yesterday into a cup and call it good.

then, in the process of getting from the garage door to the car, layla manages to misplace the locket her grandparents gave her that she was wanting me to help her put on. spend several more minutes I DON’T have searching for that. don’t worry, we found it.

so we finally leave, layla’s in tears, I realize that micah doesn’t have anything for show & tell, but oh well. no time for that now.

miraculously, we didn’t run out of gas on the way to school. layla jumped out and ran off to class just as the bell was ringing, which meant that I had to head straight to the preschool or micah would be late.

which meant that I had to get gas AFTER dropping him off.

so I got gas, and then I had to high-tail it across the road I got a ticket on a year ago, so of course, I had to watch my speed, and pulled into the parking lot of the church where my aerobics class is held RIGHT at 9:15 (which is when it starts). that would be okay except for 2 things. 1) I had to pee. 2) ever since cheryl put an article in the paper about the class, it is totally slammed! like seriously busting at the seams. not that that’s a bad thing. it’s a great class, so people should know about it, it’s just busy. which is why I like to get there a little early and get a good spot.

that was not going to happen today.

we were packed in like sardines and I had to get a spot on the OTHER side of the room. I know that sounds stupid, but my perspective on it is always from the left side of the room. I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at or adjust my brain to make my body do what I was seeing from the RIGHT side of the room! aggghhh!

add to that that the right side of the room is right next to the kitchen, where they were cooking something for the seder meal they’re having tomorrow night, and it SMELLED really strong which was highly distracting and made me feel a little queasy.

all of that led to a sub-par workout, which messed with my head even more because I had my first crappy run experience yesterday.

blah blah blah…

whine whine whine.

at any rate, after class I did manage to go out and get my new running shoes, which I love, so hopefully that makes up for it, I can get a GOOD run in, and make up for all of this other stupid stuff.


I am happy to report that my day picked up in the afternoon. trying my new shoes out on the treadmill and adjusting my hyper-competitive attitude a bit led to a really good run that felt awesome and restored my confidence in my ability to actually progress to running longer than a couple minutes at a time without feeling like I wanted to die.


and then, just as I was about to throw dinner into the oven, my day got even crappier. literally. darn dog had a random bout of doggy diarrhea ALL OVER my dining room floor. it was a mess of gargantuan proportions. the kind of mess you look at and can’t even force your brain to think clearly about how to begin cleaning it up. (I eventually managed with a roll of paper towels, a plastic bag, and a mop. there’s still a rug outside on the porch that I’m not ready to deal with, and one of micah’s shoes that I’m considering just throwing away, since they’re old and on the too-small side.)


at least there haven’t been any repeat performances…

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  1. At least it wasn't on carpet. THAT would have been a disaster of gargantuan proportions. Silver lining. ;)



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