Monday, February 25, 2013

week 8 in pictures

okay, this was a weird week. I didn’t take many pictures at all. 3 of the POTDs are vertical (GRRR!!!). I didn’t remember to take the REAL POTDs that I wanted for tuesday OR saturday… so kind of a lame representation of kind of a cool week. dave and I were lucky enough to get TWO date nights this week. on tuesday, we spontaneously decided to ditch the kids after dinner and head out to purple for some dessert and wine. then on saturday, we were given tickets to “the music man” at the 5th ave. it was awesome. a great MOMS night out w/ some awesome MOMS club friends rounded the week out nicely for me! of course, it was mid-winter break for 1 kid, but not the others (yay for 2 different school districts!), and kid #1 was bored out of his mind w/ no school and friends off on trips.


sunday: micah decided he really wanted to sleep with shane. awww… big brother was a good sport and let him stay after he found him in his bed.024

monday: coffee and bacon. my favorite after-workout snack.001

thursday: what micah decided to wear to preschool: a striped t-shirt, warm up pants, monster truck rain boots, and… a tie.005

friday: the picture micah drew, illustrating layla’s kite-flying tragedy that took place that afternoon:

  1. layla went outside to fly her kite.
  2. she was happy, flying her kite.
  3. the string broke.
  4. layla was sad.
  5. micah came outside to rescue the kite.
  6. a car ran over the kite.
  7. mom came outside to see what was wrong.
  8. layla got the kite back!


also friday: MNO at the fireside cellars. ingrid and I both had the ‘tiny bubbles’ flight, which was fun. nikki and lynn are just shoving their glasses in so it looks like we had even MORE to drink! it was a VERY fun evening. lots of laughs.025

group shot.026

friday: outside the 5th ave. 031

and that’s it. nothing really extra this week.

book shots:

009 013

kind of dark… but it’s a gloomy day and I cannot find any decent light.

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