Monday, February 18, 2013

week 7 in pictures

sunday: shane, waiting (im)patiently in the early morning for his friends to show up and take him snowboarding.001

micah, checking out 2007 project life. he wanted to see pictures from when he was a baby.012

tuesday: diligently working on his valentines.007

wednesday: empty peanut butter jar = happy dog!014

thursday: no ‘official’ valentine’s day photo, but a couple random shots of micah. excitedly running in to preschool with his victoria’s secret bag full of valentines. hiding behind the valentine balloon grandma and grandpa gave him.2013-02-181

friday: no school + gorgeous weather + MOMS club activity = fun day at the park. seriously, it was SO nice out! what a teaser.2013-02-18

saturday (not really): all she really wants is some love…022

a couple of skinnies: 1. micah got “hooked”. 2. showing off their selections of cheesy, cheapo valentines! layla really did choose justin bieber valentines… sigh.017 006

and I decided to collage my instagrams again.2013-02-1152013-02-116

book shots:

008 010

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