Sunday, February 3, 2013

week 5 in pictures

so, this is not so much a snapshot of our week, as it is a snapshot of tuesday… with a glimpse of monday and saturday thrown in for good measure… no idea how this happened, but it did. I apparently was photo happy on tuesday, but not so much the rest of the week.

monday: layla’s first day at her new school. we arrived a little early to meet her teacher and find the classroom and look around a little. we found the library, and met the librarian, mr. c. he hooked us up right away and layla immediately got to check out 2 books. she was stoked.045

tuesday: pajama day at preschool! micah was very excited that the day finally arrived. he’s been begging to stay in his jammies for weeks now!058

more tuesday: after school, micah decided to play a game of battleship with carper.002

also tuesday: layla was SO excited to get to ride the bus home from school for the first time. riding the bus is one of the things she’s missed most since we moved.014

and another tuesday: ballet class. they are learning their routine for the recital already, and miss heather invited all the parents to come in and record them doing what they’ve done so far. major mom fail on my part, I forgot to switch to the video setting, so all we got was a picture of the starting position. oops. layla was not impressed.005

and the final tuesday: during dinner, micah randomly pulled his shirt up over his head and looked just like cornholio from beavis and butthead, so ‘forced’ him to pose like that. don’t worry, we didn’t teach him to say ‘I need tp for my bunghole’ or anything like that… we just had a good laugh and he had no idea why.007

and saturday: after making 2 batches of muffins, I sliced up 6 apples and a pack of strawberries to go into the dehydrator.028

and a few instagrams I’ll stick in somewhere. 1. the pick up line at the junior high that was really long for a non-student day. 2. playing pictionary with carper. 3. just a tiger playing some pacman.

053 056 022

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