Friday, February 15, 2013


it’s friday again!!! and that means:


layla, still sick, but enjoying some brady bunch episodes in the recliner, with a cat, and a… tent? no idea.010

this warms my heart! checking out our family history via project life… circa 2007. LOVE!012

what I spent my sunday evening tackling:013

done! thank goodness.015

micah’s “hooked”! hahaha!017

a quick visit to the library.020

dinner: meatloaf, green beans, and very pretty roasted potatoes. I got this awesome little bundle at the store that had yukon golds, red, and purple potatoes. purple potatoes are SO fun! I tossed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper, thyme, oregano, a little rosemary, and a bunch of garlic! so yummy. the meatloaf was good, too!005

operation: pick out cheesy, cheapo valentines.006

yes, I live in yuppy-ville. if you call 1-888-dog-waste, you can PAY someone to scoop your dog poop for you.I wonder if shane knows about this…012

empty peanut butter jar = very happy dog.014

yes, that’s my 5 year old, excitedly tromping in to preschool with his victoria’s secret bag full of valentines!016

grandma and grandpa got micah a mickey mouse balloon for valentine’s day. he rode his tricycle to their house, so for the ride home, layla tied it around the back. he thought it was hilarious to have it trailing behind him. I kept having to remind him to watch where he was going because he wanted to look at it while he rode.025

a dark chocolate assortment from see’s for me! LOVE!024

“do you like my beard?”027

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