Thursday, February 21, 2013

a dirty blue caravan…

today, I had a doctor’s appointment. my doctor is in issaquah, so that’s where I went.

while I was there, I located the issaquah library, so I could return some books that were due.

I parked my dirty blue caravan in the lot, went inside, returned my books, returned to the lot.

as I neared the car, i pushed the unlock button on my key fob. I approached the driver’s side door, and saw that it was still locked. I pushed the button again.


I pushed it repeatedly, while standing next to the car, and aimed it at various different angles toward different parts of the car.


hmmm… I thought. I guess these things use batteries, right? maybe it needs a new battery. no problem, I’ll just stick the key in the lock and get in old-school style.

it wouldn’t turn.

it started to rain harder.

I pulled it out and frantically pushed the button a few hundred more times.


what the heck?

and that’s when I noticed a cup in the cup holder of the center console. it was a jamba juice cup.

I haven’t been to jamba juice.

I took a step back.

I turned around, and saw MY dirty blue caravan, 2 spaces further down the row…

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