Monday, February 25, 2013

week 8 in pictures

okay, this was a weird week. I didn’t take many pictures at all. 3 of the POTDs are vertical (GRRR!!!). I didn’t remember to take the REAL POTDs that I wanted for tuesday OR saturday… so kind of a lame representation of kind of a cool week. dave and I were lucky enough to get TWO date nights this week. on tuesday, we spontaneously decided to ditch the kids after dinner and head out to purple for some dessert and wine. then on saturday, we were given tickets to “the music man” at the 5th ave. it was awesome. a great MOMS night out w/ some awesome MOMS club friends rounded the week out nicely for me! of course, it was mid-winter break for 1 kid, but not the others (yay for 2 different school districts!), and kid #1 was bored out of his mind w/ no school and friends off on trips.


sunday: micah decided he really wanted to sleep with shane. awww… big brother was a good sport and let him stay after he found him in his bed.024

monday: coffee and bacon. my favorite after-workout snack.001

thursday: what micah decided to wear to preschool: a striped t-shirt, warm up pants, monster truck rain boots, and… a tie.005

friday: the picture micah drew, illustrating layla’s kite-flying tragedy that took place that afternoon:

  1. layla went outside to fly her kite.
  2. she was happy, flying her kite.
  3. the string broke.
  4. layla was sad.
  5. micah came outside to rescue the kite.
  6. a car ran over the kite.
  7. mom came outside to see what was wrong.
  8. layla got the kite back!


also friday: MNO at the fireside cellars. ingrid and I both had the ‘tiny bubbles’ flight, which was fun. nikki and lynn are just shoving their glasses in so it looks like we had even MORE to drink! it was a VERY fun evening. lots of laughs.025

group shot.026

friday: outside the 5th ave. 031

and that’s it. nothing really extra this week.

book shots:

009 013

kind of dark… but it’s a gloomy day and I cannot find any decent light.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a dirty blue caravan…

today, I had a doctor’s appointment. my doctor is in issaquah, so that’s where I went.

while I was there, I located the issaquah library, so I could return some books that were due.

I parked my dirty blue caravan in the lot, went inside, returned my books, returned to the lot.

as I neared the car, i pushed the unlock button on my key fob. I approached the driver’s side door, and saw that it was still locked. I pushed the button again.


I pushed it repeatedly, while standing next to the car, and aimed it at various different angles toward different parts of the car.


hmmm… I thought. I guess these things use batteries, right? maybe it needs a new battery. no problem, I’ll just stick the key in the lock and get in old-school style.

it wouldn’t turn.

it started to rain harder.

I pulled it out and frantically pushed the button a few hundred more times.


what the heck?

and that’s when I noticed a cup in the cup holder of the center console. it was a jamba juice cup.

I haven’t been to jamba juice.

I took a step back.

I turned around, and saw MY dirty blue caravan, 2 spaces further down the row…

Monday, February 18, 2013

week 7 in pictures

sunday: shane, waiting (im)patiently in the early morning for his friends to show up and take him snowboarding.001

micah, checking out 2007 project life. he wanted to see pictures from when he was a baby.012

tuesday: diligently working on his valentines.007

wednesday: empty peanut butter jar = happy dog!014

thursday: no ‘official’ valentine’s day photo, but a couple random shots of micah. excitedly running in to preschool with his victoria’s secret bag full of valentines. hiding behind the valentine balloon grandma and grandpa gave him.2013-02-181

friday: no school + gorgeous weather + MOMS club activity = fun day at the park. seriously, it was SO nice out! what a teaser.2013-02-18

saturday (not really): all she really wants is some love…022

a couple of skinnies: 1. micah got “hooked”. 2. showing off their selections of cheesy, cheapo valentines! layla really did choose justin bieber valentines… sigh.017 006

and I decided to collage my instagrams again.2013-02-1152013-02-116

book shots:

008 010

Friday, February 15, 2013


it’s friday again!!! and that means:


layla, still sick, but enjoying some brady bunch episodes in the recliner, with a cat, and a… tent? no idea.010

this warms my heart! checking out our family history via project life… circa 2007. LOVE!012

what I spent my sunday evening tackling:013

done! thank goodness.015

micah’s “hooked”! hahaha!017

a quick visit to the library.020

dinner: meatloaf, green beans, and very pretty roasted potatoes. I got this awesome little bundle at the store that had yukon golds, red, and purple potatoes. purple potatoes are SO fun! I tossed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper, thyme, oregano, a little rosemary, and a bunch of garlic! so yummy. the meatloaf was good, too!005

operation: pick out cheesy, cheapo valentines.006

yes, I live in yuppy-ville. if you call 1-888-dog-waste, you can PAY someone to scoop your dog poop for you.I wonder if shane knows about this…012

empty peanut butter jar = very happy dog.014

yes, that’s my 5 year old, excitedly tromping in to preschool with his victoria’s secret bag full of valentines!016

grandma and grandpa got micah a mickey mouse balloon for valentine’s day. he rode his tricycle to their house, so for the ride home, layla tied it around the back. he thought it was hilarious to have it trailing behind him. I kept having to remind him to watch where he was going because he wanted to look at it while he rode.025

a dark chocolate assortment from see’s for me! LOVE!024

“do you like my beard?”027

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

valentine’s day

{I wrote this as an article for our MOMS Club newsletter, but decided to post it here, as well. don’t fall over because of the capitalization - like I said, it was originally written for another venue. see? I really DO know now to write correctly… I just choose not to most of the time!}

Every year, I’m surprised by all the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment expressed by my single friends, on TV shows, movies, the radio, etc. Granted, I’m married, and don’t really have to worry about having “a Valentine”, but I don’t remember feeling that way, even when I was single. People seem to be under the impression that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that exists for the sole purpose of pointing out a single person’s aloneness. I find this really odd, and the last few years, I’ve started to wonder why.

We start kids out giving Valentines to each other in Preschool, helping the 3 year old, painstakingly print his name 12 times in a row across his Spiderman Valentines, and high-fiving after each one. In elementary school, it’s more important what kind of treats get taped onto your Valentines. Stickers, tattoos, Nerds, etc. So, why is it, that after elementary school, we stop considering Valentine’s Day a holiday to celebrate our friends and family (you know, the people that we LOVE), and decide that it’s become strictly a romantically involved couple’s holiday?

I think, the biggest reason I never felt that way, is because, as far back as I can remember, my mom gave me special Valentine’s treats and my dad brought flower or balloons for BOTH my mom and me. My mom had this special little tin bucket with hearts on the side, and a teddy bear on the lid. It was only about 3 or 4 inches tall, but every year, I knew what was inside it, and every year, I looked forward to Valentine’s Day because of it. Back when I was growing up, Totem Lake Mall in Kirkland, was almost an actual mall, with thriving stores, a movie theatre, and prowling teenagers. You know, a mall. Right in the middle, outside of the Pay & Save was a little, independent, hole-in-the-wall candy shop. They sold all sorts of fun delicacies including my absolute favorite, white chocolate stars. Just little star shaped drop candies, but they were wonderful. It was the only day out of the whole year that I got them, and in my mind, there was something magical about it. So it’s all tied up together for me: my dad and his rose, my mom, the tin bucket with the teddy bear on top filled to the top with magical white chocolate stars, and Valentine’s Day.

I tell you this excessively sweet story from my childhood, not to imply that you need to give your kids candy on Valentine’s Day. Obviously, there’s plenty of that to be found. But consider the precedent that MY parents set for me, by making a bold statement that this was a holiday for everyone to celebrate, and one with which to do something special for the people you love. How can you make Valentine’s Day special, not only for your spouse, but for your kids as well?

Monday, February 11, 2013

week 6 in pictures

sunday: superbowl time! dave ‘decorated’ the family room. sadly, the 49ers came up just short.031

monday: shane, training his successor/apprentice in the details of taking out the trash.004

wednesday: micah, at preschool. I’m pretty sure he’s not supposed to be up there. and why he is outside in february in short sleeves, I have no idea. I was freezing. 014

micah, eating “dog food”. he even dished it up for himself the way we give ginger her food. scooping with a plastic cup and then dumping it into the bowl. weird kid.024

thursday: layla was SO excited to get a package! a little gift from her godparents.020 (2)

thursday: dave’s new bike arrived! he rushed home from work and he and shane set to work assembling it ASAP. he was a little excited. yes, those are giants colors. it’s not an accident…026

friday: a little collage of layla’s sick day. she had an odd medley of ailments. she’d had a sore throat the day before, and was starting to cough by bedtime. then, in the middle of the night, she decided it would be a good idea to have a little barf fest. needless to say, I had to look up the number for the attendance line at her new school.2013-02-11

and a couple of skinnies to stick in center slots: layla ready for the puppy bowl on animal planet (she had been looking forward to continuing this superbowl sunday tradition). and getting right to work on the cute journal that was in the package she got in the mail from uncle joe and aunt mary.

030 021

and then I made some 5x7 collages of the instagrams I took during the week. 2013-02-1132013-02-111

book shots:

002 005


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