Tuesday, January 29, 2013

week 4 in pictures

sunday: dave made some chocolate chip cookies after the niners secured their spot in the super bowl. micah and layla enjoyed the benefits of that project with a beater each.044

monday: they have discovered the joy of perler (melty) beads! we went to ben franklin and bought a bucket and spent the rest of the day working on these.009

our creations. the animals were made by the kids, and I made the pacman and ghosts. micah is obsessed with pacman right now, so I thought he would think they were cool.2013-01-284

he did!004

thursday: I was laying down, icing my back, and toby decides to come sit right on my neck. 019

also thursday: “caution: WEIRD turns”. that’s not something you see every day…054

saturday: micah at a MOMS club friend’s birthday party. it was a princess/costume party. micah went in his pirate costume from halloween and had a blast. I asked him what his favorite part of the party was, and he said, “making a dragon!” that was one of the crafts.023

and some extra skinnies to stick in the center slots: pirate micah, showing off his glow in the dark sword. layla playing some dance central on the xbox.

029 016

book shots: (to be added later)

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