Monday, January 21, 2013

week 3 in pictures

sunday: layla’s dog, sporting the ‘florida retiree’ look.003

monday: on mornings when I have to take shane to school (non- jazz band mornings), my dad walks down the road to hang out at our house, so I don’t have to wake up layla and micah at the crack of dawn and throw them in the car, just to ride along to take shane to school. (this is TOTALLY awesome, btw.) when I got back, I found grandpa VERY popular! the only one missing is layla, because she was still asleep.009

wednesday: micah and a couple of preschool friends, playing in the leftover snow at recess. it was a week old at that point, and it’s STILL on the ground now! brrrr…016

thursday: this was taken at 8:35am. preschool starts at 9:00am… needless to say, we were a little bit late.025

friday: micah loves games. he just doesn’t ‘play’ them in the traditional way. here, he is using the bugs from his bug/jenga stacking game and turning them into ‘fish’ by stuffing them into his socks. once turned into ‘fish’, they jump into the ‘pond’ (my boot). I never claimed he was normal.002

saturday: our final christmas celebration! getting together with auntie marge. she brought the kids smiley face cookies from the poulsbo bakery. (YAY!)022

and, of course, the gifts!2013-01-21

and this is just a random instagram I’ll stick in somewhere… ginger is completely convinced that I threw my comforter on the ground for her benefit and won’t be convinced otherwise.013

book shots:

006 003

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