Saturday, January 12, 2013

week 2 in pictures

sunday: absolute chaos! first day back after being gone for 10 days, putting away our christmas stuff, and 2 extra dogs! I love how dogs always have to make themselves a part of whatever it is you’re doing. 500

monday: we were all curious to see what would happen if we threw a ball for all 3 dogs. it was honestly, quite hysterical. ginger, who is ball-crazy and totally single-minded about fetching, was totally baffled by roscoe and dakota’s behavior. they would run after the ball, so she would kind of hang back, trying to figure out what was going on. dakota would grab the ball and run off with it. roscoe would grab it, take a few steps and drop it. ginger just ran around, looking confused, trying to figure out who had the ball, where it was, and why they weren’t bringing it back! eventually, whoever had it would drop it, she’d grab it, and bring it back. we laughed a lot.005

tuesday: layla’s first ballet class! she’s the 5th from the left, looking down at her feet. I had SO much fun watching. layla liked it, but said it was hard and it hurt! they did a lot of stretching and flexibility stuff.046

wednesday: every week, at micah’s preschool, they do a different letter, and wednesday is show and tell day. he brought layla because this week was “L” week. she was so happy to go. I love this pic because, if you look closely, you can see that they are holding hands. awww…051

thursday: SNOW DAY!!!! we got enough snow to cancel preschool for micah, so I let layla have the morning off and they played outside all morning! we don’t really have a ‘hill’ to speak of in the yard, but they were determined to use the sleds. they also requested the sand toys to make a ‘snow castle’. 2013-01-12

friday: working on math.075

saturday: a gorgeous, clear-skied, frosty morning. the sun was makign the snowy treetops absolutely glow!081

and a couple of skinnies this week: 1. micah made ski poles out of tinkertoys, so then he needed skis. flat wood blocks did the trick and he spend the evening ‘shooshing’ around on the wood floor. 2. layla’s wolf that she drew on the white board.

010 072

book shots:

009 013

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