Sunday, January 6, 2013

week 1 in pictures (and a little more of 2012)

here we go! starting a new year! I’m so excited to get my 2012 book finished and move on to the new one for 2013!!!

sunday: micah, playing at feickert park. I love that he’s posing next to some appropriate graffiti.369

monday: new year’s eve. laurie had a “party in a box” that had hats, leis, and horns for everyone. it was a noisy evening. micah stayed up all the way to… 5 minutes BEFORE midnight! LOL. and then we noticed that he had passed out.2013-01-08

tuesday: dave’s birthday! micah snuck off while everyone was visiting and ‘sampled’ the frosting. he got in big trouble.399

wednesday: we took a trip out to the bay area to visit grandpa dick, and then over to nana’s. the kids had a blast with all of her very unique and awesome toys.2013-01-078

thursday: micah’s turn at build-a-bear. every since layla built her dog, bella, micah has been wanting to go. so thanks to gramma, he now has his very own dog (identical to layla’s) named carper.2013-01-079

friday: more dapelos came over for dinner, and we got to meet the 2 newest additions to the family. this is little carson, who layla was beyond thrilled to get to hold.475

saturday: heading home. shasta in the distance and some cool looking sky.483

and I have some more big collages to stick in of other stuff.2013-01-07112013-01-077

and some skinnies: 1. micah climbing up to the tallest slide at the park. 2. the cinnamon roll christmas tree that layla and micah helped gramma make. 3. playing with toys with grandpa dick. 4. carson, passed out on laurie’s shoulder.

366 58679_4517912258750_2135375892_n422 481

book shots:

002 006

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