Saturday, January 12, 2013

first snow day of the year!

the weather on wednesday, was weird all day. cold, rainy, freezing rain, hail. people were reporting all sorts of stuff. it had snowed off and on, too, but nothing that stuck. that evening, after the kids went to bed, the ground turned all white and we had BIG fat flakes falling!!!027

next morning, there wasn’t much on the roads, but the grass, trees, and roofs were all covered in about and inch of snow. our ‘local’ school district, had a 2 hour delay, which meant that micah’s preschool was closed. unfortunately, shane goes to school in our ‘old’ district, and they were on time. we kept him home from jazz band, but the roads weren’t much better an hour later when I left to take him to school. we just went very slowly, especially on all the hills, and got there just fine, but a little late (as was everyone else, including some buses).

after layla and micah had had breakfast, we busted open the boxes of snow stuff that had been packed since we moved. we had to find gloves and boots and snowpants that would fit them this year, and fortunately, we had the right sizes of stuff.


I had run to costco while they were out playing (dave stayed home sick from work) and when I came back, I found this: 045

later that afternoon, it started snowing again. off and on all evening.069

saturday morning:081

it hasn’t warmed up enough to melt the snow. the frosty trees in the sunshine were just gorgeous. I love that this is the view out my kitchen window.082

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