Tuesday, January 29, 2013

week 4 in pictures

sunday: dave made some chocolate chip cookies after the niners secured their spot in the super bowl. micah and layla enjoyed the benefits of that project with a beater each.044

monday: they have discovered the joy of perler (melty) beads! we went to ben franklin and bought a bucket and spent the rest of the day working on these.009

our creations. the animals were made by the kids, and I made the pacman and ghosts. micah is obsessed with pacman right now, so I thought he would think they were cool.2013-01-284

he did!004

thursday: I was laying down, icing my back, and toby decides to come sit right on my neck. 019

also thursday: “caution: WEIRD turns”. that’s not something you see every day…054

saturday: micah at a MOMS club friend’s birthday party. it was a princess/costume party. micah went in his pirate costume from halloween and had a blast. I asked him what his favorite part of the party was, and he said, “making a dragon!” that was one of the crafts.023

and some extra skinnies to stick in the center slots: pirate micah, showing off his glow in the dark sword. layla playing some dance central on the xbox.

029 016

book shots: (to be added later)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

best day off

yesterday was MLK day. shane was off school, layla doesn’t go to school, and micah goes to school on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursday. so, since shane didn’t have school, that means that layla was going to get in on that. so, after a lazy morning, I dropped shane off at susie’s house to help with some work, and I took the youngers to ben franklin to acquire some more ‘melty beads’. layla had just discovered these, after getting a small ornament kit from my aunt marge for christmas. so we got ourselves a bucket of them with some ‘pet patterns’ and they set to work.

they started on them around 12:30 and were still going when I had to make them clear the table off so we could eat dinner at 6:30. WOW. 007009

this is what they got made during the day. micah made the brown dog… the rest are layla’s.003

at some point, I got the idea to make a pacman and some ghosts. (micah is currently obsessed with pacman, so he got a big kick out of this.)002

after dinner, he got out his blocks and made this:004

my day was made even better by the discovery of “the brady bunch” on the hallmark channel. my kids (who have been, thus far, in the dark about “the brady bunch”) thought it was hilarious, and have been asking to watch more ever since. biggest bonus about that, was that one of the episodes we saw was the famous humphrey bogart voice “pork chops and applesauce” episode!

after that, “happy days” came on and I thought shane was going to fall off the couch, laughing.

kind of silly, but totally one of my best days!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I have seen the future!

okay, so nobody except family will really appreciate this…


somebody posted this picture (from the inauguration) on facebook and I immediately started laughing. why?

because of this:4525307-R1-034-15A

still… can’t stop laughing.

week 3 in pictures

sunday: layla’s dog, sporting the ‘florida retiree’ look.003

monday: on mornings when I have to take shane to school (non- jazz band mornings), my dad walks down the road to hang out at our house, so I don’t have to wake up layla and micah at the crack of dawn and throw them in the car, just to ride along to take shane to school. (this is TOTALLY awesome, btw.) when I got back, I found grandpa VERY popular! the only one missing is layla, because she was still asleep.009

wednesday: micah and a couple of preschool friends, playing in the leftover snow at recess. it was a week old at that point, and it’s STILL on the ground now! brrrr…016

thursday: this was taken at 8:35am. preschool starts at 9:00am… needless to say, we were a little bit late.025

friday: micah loves games. he just doesn’t ‘play’ them in the traditional way. here, he is using the bugs from his bug/jenga stacking game and turning them into ‘fish’ by stuffing them into his socks. once turned into ‘fish’, they jump into the ‘pond’ (my boot). I never claimed he was normal.002

saturday: our final christmas celebration! getting together with auntie marge. she brought the kids smiley face cookies from the poulsbo bakery. (YAY!)022

and, of course, the gifts!2013-01-21

and this is just a random instagram I’ll stick in somewhere… ginger is completely convinced that I threw my comforter on the ground for her benefit and won’t be convinced otherwise.013

book shots:

006 003

Saturday, January 12, 2013

week 2 in pictures

sunday: absolute chaos! first day back after being gone for 10 days, putting away our christmas stuff, and 2 extra dogs! I love how dogs always have to make themselves a part of whatever it is you’re doing. 500

monday: we were all curious to see what would happen if we threw a ball for all 3 dogs. it was honestly, quite hysterical. ginger, who is ball-crazy and totally single-minded about fetching, was totally baffled by roscoe and dakota’s behavior. they would run after the ball, so she would kind of hang back, trying to figure out what was going on. dakota would grab the ball and run off with it. roscoe would grab it, take a few steps and drop it. ginger just ran around, looking confused, trying to figure out who had the ball, where it was, and why they weren’t bringing it back! eventually, whoever had it would drop it, she’d grab it, and bring it back. we laughed a lot.005

tuesday: layla’s first ballet class! she’s the 5th from the left, looking down at her feet. I had SO much fun watching. layla liked it, but said it was hard and it hurt! they did a lot of stretching and flexibility stuff.046

wednesday: every week, at micah’s preschool, they do a different letter, and wednesday is show and tell day. he brought layla because this week was “L” week. she was so happy to go. I love this pic because, if you look closely, you can see that they are holding hands. awww…051

thursday: SNOW DAY!!!! we got enough snow to cancel preschool for micah, so I let layla have the morning off and they played outside all morning! we don’t really have a ‘hill’ to speak of in the yard, but they were determined to use the sleds. they also requested the sand toys to make a ‘snow castle’. 2013-01-12

friday: working on math.075

saturday: a gorgeous, clear-skied, frosty morning. the sun was makign the snowy treetops absolutely glow!081

and a couple of skinnies this week: 1. micah made ski poles out of tinkertoys, so then he needed skis. flat wood blocks did the trick and he spend the evening ‘shooshing’ around on the wood floor. 2. layla’s wolf that she drew on the white board.

010 072

book shots:

009 013

first snow day of the year!

the weather on wednesday, was weird all day. cold, rainy, freezing rain, hail. people were reporting all sorts of stuff. it had snowed off and on, too, but nothing that stuck. that evening, after the kids went to bed, the ground turned all white and we had BIG fat flakes falling!!!027

next morning, there wasn’t much on the roads, but the grass, trees, and roofs were all covered in about and inch of snow. our ‘local’ school district, had a 2 hour delay, which meant that micah’s preschool was closed. unfortunately, shane goes to school in our ‘old’ district, and they were on time. we kept him home from jazz band, but the roads weren’t much better an hour later when I left to take him to school. we just went very slowly, especially on all the hills, and got there just fine, but a little late (as was everyone else, including some buses).

after layla and micah had had breakfast, we busted open the boxes of snow stuff that had been packed since we moved. we had to find gloves and boots and snowpants that would fit them this year, and fortunately, we had the right sizes of stuff.


I had run to costco while they were out playing (dave stayed home sick from work) and when I came back, I found this: 045

later that afternoon, it started snowing again. off and on all evening.069

saturday morning:081

it hasn’t warmed up enough to melt the snow. the frosty trees in the sunshine were just gorgeous. I love that this is the view out my kitchen window.082

Sunday, January 6, 2013

week 1 in pictures (and a little more of 2012)

here we go! starting a new year! I’m so excited to get my 2012 book finished and move on to the new one for 2013!!!

sunday: micah, playing at feickert park. I love that he’s posing next to some appropriate graffiti.369

monday: new year’s eve. laurie had a “party in a box” that had hats, leis, and horns for everyone. it was a noisy evening. micah stayed up all the way to… 5 minutes BEFORE midnight! LOL. and then we noticed that he had passed out.2013-01-08

tuesday: dave’s birthday! micah snuck off while everyone was visiting and ‘sampled’ the frosting. he got in big trouble.399

wednesday: we took a trip out to the bay area to visit grandpa dick, and then over to nana’s. the kids had a blast with all of her very unique and awesome toys.2013-01-078

thursday: micah’s turn at build-a-bear. every since layla built her dog, bella, micah has been wanting to go. so thanks to gramma, he now has his very own dog (identical to layla’s) named carper.2013-01-079

friday: more dapelos came over for dinner, and we got to meet the 2 newest additions to the family. this is little carson, who layla was beyond thrilled to get to hold.475

saturday: heading home. shasta in the distance and some cool looking sky.483

and I have some more big collages to stick in of other stuff.2013-01-07112013-01-077

and some skinnies: 1. micah climbing up to the tallest slide at the park. 2. the cinnamon roll christmas tree that layla and micah helped gramma make. 3. playing with toys with grandpa dick. 4. carson, passed out on laurie’s shoulder.

366 58679_4517912258750_2135375892_n422 481

book shots:

002 006


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