Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PL 2013 bonus week

so, if you know anything about me, you know I get stuck on chronology. like seriously stuck. things MUST go in order.

so, at any rate, week 52 of 2013 left me with 3 remaining days in the year. what to do with them? do I just put them in the start of my 2014 book? AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! no. I just couldn’t handle that. I need my year all neatly tied up with a bow, ALL in the same book.

and so I made an extra week.

well, almost.

I have 2 empty slots that I’m hoping to fill with some pics that my MIL took.

saturday: yes, I know. another thing that drives me crazy. but I had this photo from saturday night and no place to put it, and I needed to fill slots, so here it is. my burger, the ‘captain neon’ and cajun tots, from our dinner out with kat and cole in centralia. it was SOOO good. I’ve been fantasizing about going back and having it again ever since.011

sunday: somewhere in southern oregon or northern california, on I-5. it was a pretty easy trip, other than the spilled ice cream in the car…020

monday: we were at gramma and papa’s house, and micah was convinced that means swimming. dave finally made him go put his feet in the water to see how it felt. he still wanted to swim because apparently, he “likes cold water”… not happening. also interesting, he refused to step where the sun was shining because he was afraid he’d burn his feet. LOL. there wasn’t much chance of that happening.021

tuesday: we had our ‘christmas morning’ and opened presents. my gift from dave was down there waiting for me. this awesome LONG, down, ‘soccer mom’ coat. I love it!!! sadly, it was too warm to wear it.2014-01-093

also tuesday: a little odd, but for some reason, I decided to flip my part. for the first time ever. no really. 024

hoping for a couple more, but that’s 2013!

Monday, December 30, 2013

week 52 in pictures

sunday: the kids, in the sunday school christmas program at church. shane played handbells, and layla and micah sang.037039

tuesday: it was christmas eve and SO exciting to have ALL of the candles, even the middle one, lit on the advent wreath.057

also tuesday: the candlelight portion of the christmas eve service at church.059

traditional after-service family photo op.062

thursday: layla got a rainbow loom for christmas. it has been popular…149

friday: toby is ‘helping’ shane play x-box.153

saturday: we spent saturday evening with kat and cole and went to church at gather that night. after the service, the kids were glued to their respective phones and dave and shane were finishing off the communion bread.2014-01-09

and some big collages from christmas day:2013-12-17162013-12-1717

and the cookie baking/decorating frenzy that went on that week. 2013-12-1715

Monday, December 23, 2013

week 51 in pictures

sunday: we spent the afternoon at amy and adam’s and micah, of course, was super thrilled to get to play with roscoe and dakota. I love that their entire family is trumped by their dogs.071

tuesday: today at ballet, the parents were invited in to watch class. it was really hard for me to remain seated on the floor and not jump up and join them at the barre.002

wednesday: I finally got my current project life caught up, so I could get out my new one for next year! dave chose the “rain” edition for me. so fun to get everything in my hands and take a good look at it. setting up the book is really trippy, not knowing what events will fill those pages.008

friday: SNOW!!!!! we had enough snow to cause a 2 hour delay for the schools, but we just didn’t go at all. that’s where living out of district is a drag, because our local schools were closed. the kids were out as soon as they could get out, and played all morning.016

of course, shane’s immediate reaction to having snow on the ground was to get out the mower and drag a sled around the yard.027

and several snowmen were made… before the snow switched over to rain and everything got sloppy.031

also friday: our house is so pretty all lit up with christmas lights. the snow on the ground just adds to it.032

saturday: just a little candy crush action first thing in the morning…034

Monday, December 16, 2013

week 50 in pictures

sunday: these multi-colored kitty paws make me very happy.011

tuesday: heart attack hill.013

wednesday: love love love!!!018

thursday: I didn’t think it was possible. silly me. micah decided, for some reason, that he wanted to play foosball. well, we don’t have a foosball table. that didn’t stop him. he just built it. out of tinker toys, of course.027

friday: “helping” me make christmas cookies. yes, shane had to take a picture of his huge spoonful of cookie dough and text it to his friends. 2013-12-1711

also friday: MOMS Club ‘ugly sweater’ christmas party. lots of fun.DSC01224

saturday: layla recently taught micah how to make paper snowflakes. and now our windows are covered with them…044

Monday, December 9, 2013

week 49 in pictures

this wound up being an unexpectedly sad week.

sunday: finally getting the lights up on the house! shane had to stop and text frequently, while up on the roof (eye roll)…101

also sunday: we very suddenly and unexpectedly had to say good bye to our sweet ginger.104

monday: beginning to open the christmas books. we wrap them and open one a night, advent calendar style. we missed the 1st, so they each opened one on the 2nd.111

tuesday: found on layla’s desk.106

wednesday: micah (and then layla) filled out the attendance sheet at church. good to see that all the important people were there.001

thursday: apple pie I made for book club.003

saturday: the advent calendar I grew up with is now hanging outside layla’s door. my mom made this a million years ago.008

a couple of small ones:

the tennis ball ornament I got for ginger last christmas… turns out we only had her for one christmas.

and holy BRRRRR!!!! major cold spell for around here.

113 004

Monday, December 2, 2013

week 48 in pictures

sunday: this cat. he seriously sat on me for like 2 hours.049

monday: layla was having some major issues with her math homework.055

tuesday: after watching some kids playing candy crush on an ipad during layla’s ballet class, micah came home and made his own game. out of tinkertoys, of course.065

wednesday: getting our thanksgiving apple pie ready with my helpers!2013-12-171

thursday: shane had pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dessert. no really. there’s a substantial piece of pie under there. ice cream, too!082

friday: these two decorated the entire tree! this is only the very beginning. they literally put every single ornament we own on it. which is a lot.092

saturday: happy micah! we finally got the train out!100

and some square extras.



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