Sunday, December 23, 2012

week 51 in pictures

almost done!

sunday: shane, micah, and I went down to my parents’ new house to get it ‘ready for christmas’. we put up their tree, and got out all the other decorations. this ceramic tree was made years ago by my aunt and uncle and I love it beyond what words can describe. putting the lights in it has always been my job, but I decided to let them do it this time. LOVE.059

monday: layla, enjoying a math exercise that involves pattern blocks. she was in heaven.009

tuesday: finally getting all the christmas cookies baked! (as it turns out, bad dog ginger ‘helped’ us eat them. grr.)001

wednesday: ginger, blending in with all the other dogs…006

thursday: zoners, enjoying some hot chocolate while watching the polar express.214

friday: we had to go down to my parents’ house to clean up some packaging from the tv stand that dave had assembled for them the night before. shane, of course, devised a way to get all of them, plus our recycle and garbage cans down the road in one trip.226

saturday: we were gifted some tickets to the ‘holiday with lights’ at wild waves. it was so fun to ride all the rides in the dark, while the park was all lit up for christmas.230

I also have a big collage with the pics from our night there.2013-01-0710

and some skinnies: 1. micah and ella playing a duet after church. 2. layla, showing off her insanely long check-out receipt at the library. 3. dave, modeling awesome fashion sense (and micah’s tie).

057 213221

{book shots will be added later}

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