Monday, December 17, 2012

week 50 in pictures

sunday: layla, posing next to her gingerbread house before tearing into it.020

monday: first OFFICIAL day of homeschooling (after finally getting ALL of our curriculum items). actually, this is well after our ‘school day’ was over. they wanted to hang out in the school room and work on stuff at their desks.060

tuesday: (this picture will be added at a later date)

wednesday: sunday school children singing at the advent service. shane did not sing, but played handbells.018

thursday: micah’s preschool christmas program.033

friday: white elephant gift exchange at the MOMS Club “ugly sweater” christmas party. I came away with 6 mini bottles of liquor! awesome!557470_10151171898941497_1608281538_n

saturday: after tragedy struck on friday night, when my little tree suddenly toppled over and broke my absolute favorite christmas ornament (boo hoo), I was able to get it all properly reassembled after borrowing a better tree stand from a friend.053 

and some skinnies to stick in center slots: 1. shane, (mostly not visible) ringing handbells wednesday night. he’s directly behind the guy in front in the white shirt. had I known that was where he was standing, I probably wound have sat someplace else. 2. after a pantry-raiding incident involving the dog and a canister of cocoa powder, we found ourselves in need of a GOOD spot cleaner for our cream-colored carpet. ::sigh:: 3. toby, in a strange position. 4. the (awesome) tacky veggie tree that lindsey brought to the ugly sweater christmas party.

013 022040 006

{book shots will be added later}

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