Monday, December 10, 2012

week 49 in pictures

sunday: bird layla drew on the magnadoodle at my parents’ house.035

tuesday: layla decided that it was picnic weather (cold, rainy, windy) and prepared a picnic for micah and herself.022

wednesday: opening up the book for the day. (last year, before I packed away the christmas books, I wrapped them and put a number on each one, to be opened like an advent calendar – one each day.) the kids take turns opening them.023

thursday: I spent my evening painting underwear on barbie dolls. 5 of layla’s barbies are now sporting shiny, nail polish undies.025

also thursday: christmas baking has begun! layla and micah helped me mix up butter ball and cut-out dough. the next night, micah and I mixed up gingersnap and peppermint shortbread dough!2012-12-101

friday: this is what the top of the fridge looks like. the only way to keep ginger from wanting to play CONSTANTLY is to hide the tennis balls.030

dave, trying out lesson one of our new saxon math curriculum.032

also saturday: we took a trip downtown to see the trains at the center house, ride the westlake carousel, and do other such christmassy stuff. it was super fun. we started by parking at lake union, walked over to the seattle center, and looked at the trains. 006008036

then we went out and walked around the space needle a bit… 013

then we rode the monorail over to westlake center.039 

we saw the macy’s star.044

rode the carousel.014

then we went into the mall and grabbed a snack (while I did some secret santa shopping), and then headed to starbucks for some hot beverages. this is shane, enjoying his FIRST latte! I’m so proud.043

then we headed over to check out the window display on the other side of macy’s where the trains are, and then headed to the street car to get back to our car.046

those pictures will go into a design G insert.

and then there are some skinnies for center slots. 1) putting lights on our mini REAL tree for the family room. 2) layla as mater. “I’m mater. like ta-mater, but without the ta.” 3)I walked into the bathroom and found this. 4) when we got home on saturday, we discovered that ginger had eaten, yet another, loaf of bread.

135218_10151177848063977_401688311_o 021024 049

{book shots will be added later}

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