Monday, December 3, 2012

week 48 in pictures

sunday: in the church nursery, playing with some tools. micah had been using his pants as a tool belt… as in, shoving the tools IN his pants. I convinced him that his beltloops would work just as well. layla stuffed her tools into the sash of her dress.025

monday: day 1 of homeschooling. still in the process of firming up what we will actually be DOING, but layla and micah busied themselves in the school room with some drawing and coloring.028

also monday: layla is the teacher here. I have a kindergarten level math workbook that I have micah using. layla wanted to help out by reading the instructions to him and making sure he did the pages correctly. super cute.001

wednesday: micah “wrote” a B book… he wanted daddy to read it to him, which proved to be problematic, as micah is the only one fluent in the language he used to write the book… no worries, though, the three of them had good laughs trying to make words out of all of the letters he had strung together. I’m loving this stage!012

saturday (and everything following): the jazz band played at the WHS holiday bazaar in the morning. we poked around at all the booths, and then listened to them play some christmas tunes, and other music. shane is in the bottom right, next to the kid in the santa hat.023

later that day: dave and shane, up on the roof, getting the rest of the christmas lights hung.026

even later: my dad and I took shane over to seattle to a specific brass shop, where a guy, who knows a guy that my mom knows, had a trumpet for shane to try out. this is my parents’ christmas gift to him (along with some contributions from his own bank account). this trumpet is in awesome shape, and was a great deal. hopefully, he’ll get many years of use out of it!029

and some skinnies to stick in: 1. layla, devouring yet another fairy book in bed. 2. watching the grinch for the first time this year. micah LOVES the grinch (and the grinch’s dog, max). 3. layla got a reindeer painted on her face at the bazaar on saturday. 4. putting lights on our adorable little REAL tree that we got for the family room since our big one won’t fit and we miss having a tree in our main room. LOVE this one! it’s awesome and smells great!026 007022 135218_10151177848063977_401688311_o

{book shots will be added later}

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