Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas morning

santa was here!058

every year, dave does this. he goes around taking pictures of people on christmas morning, waking up and getting out of bed.

060 061 062064 065 069

I won’t bore you with all the stocking stuff pictures.

in a strange and rare occurrence, “santa” left something for me, too! I got my project life kit and binders for next year. after going back and forth last year about whether to do clementine or cobalt, I finally chose cobalt. I don’t regret that, but I have still really loved clementine, so that’s what I get to use for 2013. at some point, I’ll have to do olive and seafoam too… I want them all! but now I’m all set!IMG_20121225_085707

micah’s gift to shane:092

micah’s gift to layla (it’s a night light):094

shane’s gift to micah:098

shane’s gift to layla:104

layla’s gift to shane:115

layla’s gift to micah (he also got a new grinch shirt, since his old one BARELY got him through christmas):119

the kids got me a new space needle ornament identical to the one that got broken when the tree tipped over.109

micah made this in preschool:112

the BIG gift… they are each opening 2 games for the new xbox kinect! shane is smiling because he’s already figured it out at this point.122

micah was not as impressed with this gift as the others. he said something really funny, expressing his displeasure, but I forget what it was. oh well. he has, since then, warmed up to the idea plenty!126

everybody checking out the new toys:129 131IMG_20121225_121404133277

the leapsters aren’t new, but they each got a new game for them in their stockings.134

what a fun haul! we are so blessed.

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