Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas day with my parents

we decided not to make the christmas day trip down to portland this year, so instead, we had christmas dinner here, with my parents.

but first, we opened presents.

layla went first. there were 3 things in this box…

pink tights,252

a black leotard,256

and pink ballet slippers!258

AND, this gift comes with ballet classes! finally! she has been waiting so long to do this and was very excited.

next was micah. super-huge, unbelievably awesome, playmobil pirate ship! this thing is seriously cool.265

shane got his present from them earlier in the month (his new trumpet), but grandma felt bad that he wouldn’t have anything to open, so he also got a pair of seattle skyline socks.

then it was grandma and grandpa’s turn to open gifts from us.

since they finally moved into their new house (down the road from us), they needed new stuff to go with their bathroom, so I picked out a bathmat, and a set of towels that would look good in there. 272

and, to go with them, shane got them a new, coordinating shower curtain.274

after dinner, we played a round of layla’s new game, ‘headbanz’, which was quite entertaining.282283

and then we played some ‘apples to apples’ while micah and layla watched ‘the year without a santa claus’, and played with the pirate ship.285

it was a mellower christmas day, but fun, and I got to spend it with my parents, which I am very grateful for.

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