Monday, November 12, 2012

week 45 in pictures

sunday: morning after the luncheon, miina and I having a REAL breakfast at the athenian at pike place, overlooking elliot bay. yummy food, bad coffee!IMG_2147

monday: a rare break in the rain for a couple days allowed for what is probably the last mow of the season. shane was ecstatic because he mowed our grass and my parents’, and by the time he was done, it was dark, and he got to use the headlights! seriously. who knew mowing in the dark was such a treat!033

tuesday: this is layla ALL. THE. TIME. right now. she cannot get enough books. she’s plowing her way through this ‘rainbow magic’ series about fairies and has read probably 25-30 of them in the last several weeks. it is not unusual for her to finish 3 books in a day.038

wednesday: toby has decided to adopt ginger’s bed. you know, because it would fit about 10 of him… and it’s right in front of the fireplace.039

thursday: micah’s preschool class had a field trip to the theatre to see a performance of “the 3 little pigs”. it was hilarious, as usual, and he had a great time, even when the folding seat swallowed him. it was great to see some MOMS club friends there, too!004

friday: MOMS Club playgroup at lindsey’s house. the big girls (sara and layla) made a piƱata with candy corns in it and the little kids took turns whacking it with a pencil until it broke. SO funny!045

saturday: I took layla and micah to ella’s birthday party at kidsquest museum. they had a blast. it’s been a few years since I’ve taken layla, and I don’t think micah has been since he was old enough to remember. he was SO in his element! of course, the DIY facepaint was a big hit… layla drew herself a dog face, of course. micah has “a beardy man face” according to ella! ;)025

and then I have a couple verticals to stick in the center slots of the book: 1) this is how/where shane does his homework… yes, that’s a desk beyond him. does he use it? sure… to stash a bunch of junk on. 2) shane, showing micah how to climb up the big climber at layla’s school.056 041

I had no instagrams to speak of this week but am including a big collage of extras:2012-11-08

plus another of the fun the kids were having at kidsquest on saturday:2012-11-10

(book shots will be added after I get my pics back and put in the book.)


and I’m linking up again, over at the mom creative.

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  1. So many great photos. I love the kiddos face paint!! That must have been a blast.
    That's so wonderful that your daughter loves books so much.



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