Monday, November 26, 2012

week 47 in pictures

eeek! that number is getting REALLY close to 52! which means I’m really close to being DONE with this year’s album! I’ve really enjoyed working with the cobalt edition, but I’m super excited to do something new. not that I’ve decided yet what I’ll use. (I know, mary. I know…) I still really want to use clementine, but I’m pretty excited about the new editions too. help! in other news, I FINALLY got my second cobalt binder ordered. I put so much extra stuff in my books that one binder is NOT enough. heck, 2 is barely enough! it should be here in a day or two, and then I can take all of my post june out of the ghetto white binder they’ve been hanging over the edge of and into their real home!

sunday: micah has been dying to go and spend his birthday money from gramma jackie. he had $5 and was determined to buy a pack of gum. I love that that’s the #1 item on his shopping list. at any rate, we finally went to the store and he finally remembered his money, so after MUCH deliberation, he finally got his gum. getting change back was just a bonus!029

monday: “hey look! it’s a C pancake!”032

tuesday: an after school trip to the library. layla had just checked out this babymouse book from the school library, so she brought it in with her, sat down and read the whole thing.003

also tuesday: shane passed out right after dinner. stayed there until after we’d gone to bed. he was in his bed in the morning, so apparently he woke up at some point and moved.004

wednesday: every now and then, ginger gets confused and thinks she’s actually a lap dog… all ~75 pounds of her…012

no small picture for thursday… I have 2 big thanksgiving collages I’m including.

friday: ross came over to visit! the kids were SO excited to see him. layla was playing this game where you type in something and it makes it appear in the scene and interact with what’s already there… for instance, if you have a rabbit there and you add a bear… the bear will eat the rabbit. they had fun trying to find something that would beat the loch ness monster.017

saturday: the start of turning our formal dining room into a spare/school room. bed + storage in. computer moved out of the harry potter closet. school books and supplies organized. boxes finally unpacked, broken down, etc. 018

and some skinnies to stick in the center slots: 1. layla after church with straw whiskers. she does this almost every sunday. we need to earmark our offering for the purchase of a new case of straws… 2. the ditch in front of our house. it had been raining SO hard. I’ve never seen it this full. 3. shane and layla with our thanksgiving apple pie.028034029

and the pictures from thanksgiving.2012-11-222012-11-221

{book shots will be added later}

thanksgiving ‘12

thanksgiving was fun this year. it was very exciting to host in our new house! my parents came over, and the fixings were a division of labor of sorts. they brought and cooked the turkey, which was stuffed with stuffing that I made. my mom made sweet potatoes, and I made mashed. I made green bean casserole, she made cranberry sauce. my dad made pumpkin pie, and I made apple…

the night before, we made our pie. shane helped me with the peeling, slicing, and mixing up the filling. layla helped me with the crust (sorry, it’s from a package). she did the crimping herself. it was quite pretty!029

the next morning, I got right to work on the stuffing, so when my mom arrived, she got busy stuffing the turkey.042

layla helped me set the table (our first time using my mom’s china), and made hand turkey place cards for everyone. I showed her how to fold the napkins and she made table tents for everyone.043

while waiting for dinner to be ready, we had snacks and tea! layla was very excited (as were my mom and i) to have real tea in real tea cups! layla wound up not liking the tea, and I caught shane sneaking sips out of her cup, but he wouldn’t let me take a picture.044046049

and more waiting… purina dog show and cut the rope.050

finally, we ate!053054

even micah, who was required to take a bite of turkey and a bite of potatoes… you can see how excited he was about that. but he liked the cranberry sauce a lot.055

after dinner, we played a hilarious game of apples to apples.015

and then my mom and I played scrabble.016

we had a really fun day and lots of great food. but I’m most thankful for who I got to spend it with.

Monday, November 19, 2012

week 46 in pictures

weird week for picture taking… definitely not sunday – saturday POTDs this time.

wednesday: layla’s corn teeth.004

friday: micah and toby snuggled up and enjoying some of the dregs of the halloween bucket.018

friday: micah discovered that he can make his chin “all bumpy” just like mine. so we had fun making ridiculous faces in the mirror trying to make our chins bumpy.035

friday: shane rediscovered a map he had drawn of a town he’d desingned in like 3rd grade or something… and then played with it. it has made a couple of appearances since, in his room.024

saturday: hard to tell, but layla spelled her name with some random items that she used for a scavenger hunt she put together for micah and i.036

saturday: the jazz band had a performance in the afternoon at the northshore jazz festival. bad, blurry picture, but shane is the second from the right on the top row.045

micah made a ‘dunk tank’ and layla had to take a turn sitting in it. nice face.026

and a few instagrams. 


{book shots will be added later}

Monday, November 12, 2012

sunday school behavior problems

so, I have a problem. (no, it’s not MY behavior that is the problem.)

I am the preschool/kindergarten sunday school teacher. this means that micah is in my class.

micah, apparently, is less than thrilled with this arrangement.

EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. he is a problem.

he is uncooperative. he will not sit like a normal person on the rug when it’s lesson time. he will not participate.

basically, he lays on the floor and pouts/whines, the whole time.

I could just ignore it, which I do, except that 1) I would like him to actually LEARN the sunday school lesson, and 2) we’re dealing with little kids here who are easily distracted and/or influenced by his bad behavior.

I have talked with him about this almost each and every sunday, explaining what I expect from him, etc.

it has not helped.

so I spoke with his preschool teacher, to find out if this is typical behavior for him.


at preschool, he’s apparently one of the most ‘with it’ kids in the class. participates, raises his hand and answers questions, sits when he’s supposed to, is quiet when he’s supposed to, etc.

so it’s me.

I’ve asked him about it, and he says he doesn’t like having me be the teacher.

so what do I do here?

I can’t have him keep acting this way.

and I want him to have a good time in sunday school and to learn what the lessons are. if this is making him miserable, I want to respect that. however, if you know anything at all about sunday school, you know that teachers are in short supply.

anyone have this experience?

anyone successfully solve the problem?

help me out here.

week 45 in pictures

sunday: morning after the luncheon, miina and I having a REAL breakfast at the athenian at pike place, overlooking elliot bay. yummy food, bad coffee!IMG_2147

monday: a rare break in the rain for a couple days allowed for what is probably the last mow of the season. shane was ecstatic because he mowed our grass and my parents’, and by the time he was done, it was dark, and he got to use the headlights! seriously. who knew mowing in the dark was such a treat!033

tuesday: this is layla ALL. THE. TIME. right now. she cannot get enough books. she’s plowing her way through this ‘rainbow magic’ series about fairies and has read probably 25-30 of them in the last several weeks. it is not unusual for her to finish 3 books in a day.038

wednesday: toby has decided to adopt ginger’s bed. you know, because it would fit about 10 of him… and it’s right in front of the fireplace.039

thursday: micah’s preschool class had a field trip to the theatre to see a performance of “the 3 little pigs”. it was hilarious, as usual, and he had a great time, even when the folding seat swallowed him. it was great to see some MOMS club friends there, too!004

friday: MOMS Club playgroup at lindsey’s house. the big girls (sara and layla) made a piƱata with candy corns in it and the little kids took turns whacking it with a pencil until it broke. SO funny!045

saturday: I took layla and micah to ella’s birthday party at kidsquest museum. they had a blast. it’s been a few years since I’ve taken layla, and I don’t think micah has been since he was old enough to remember. he was SO in his element! of course, the DIY facepaint was a big hit… layla drew herself a dog face, of course. micah has “a beardy man face” according to ella! ;)025

and then I have a couple verticals to stick in the center slots of the book: 1) this is how/where shane does his homework… yes, that’s a desk beyond him. does he use it? sure… to stash a bunch of junk on. 2) shane, showing micah how to climb up the big climber at layla’s school.056 041

I had no instagrams to speak of this week but am including a big collage of extras:2012-11-08

plus another of the fun the kids were having at kidsquest on saturday:2012-11-10

(book shots will be added after I get my pics back and put in the book.)


and I’m linking up again, over at the mom creative.

Monday, November 5, 2012

week 44 in pictures

sunday: the giants won the world series!!!002

monday: layla had an ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys. everything looked good! she thought it tickled.017 - Copy

tuesday: micah woke up not feeling very well. he had a bad cough and when he got up, he came in and found me in the bathroom, where he promptly laid back down on the floor. I kept him home from preschool that day.023

wednesday: our front porch all decorated for halloween.144

and ready to go trick or treating. layla was rapunzel and micah was a pirate. I wore shane’s banana costume since he was staying home to hand out candy instead of going out himself.061 - Copy

thursday: micah got his own library card. he was SO excited!040

saturday: our group at the MOMS Club luncheon.600654_10151108759811497_137218974_n

a few littles to stick in the center slots.

026 - Copy 050

and the grid of instagrams:2012-11-01

book shots:

first half of the week:002

second half:013

1 side of a design G insert:005

other side of G:006

a design A cut in half to hold some extra pictures from the luncheon. I think I need to get some of the adhesive tabs to stick on the edge of this page because, in the book, it just looks like it’s half of the page behind it, which bugs me.008 011

and hopefully I’ll remember to link up this week as well.



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