Monday, October 15, 2012

week 41 in pictures

this week is a little wonky, as far as pictures go, but not as bad as last week.

sunday: layla and micah making brownie pops with gramma.182

monday: gramma got to go to school and have lunch with layla.539460_4138291968480_1414067136_n

also monday: micah didn’t want to go to bed and he didn’t want gramma and papa to leave the next morning, so he was refusing to say good-bye. so he wound up snuggling with papa for awhile and almost passed out.194

tuesday morning: on monday, layla had made a passing (loaded) comment to gramma about how, when we’re at their house, we always have donuts for breakfast at least once. so, unbeknownst to the kids, gramma bought a box of donuts for them to have the next morning (after they had started back home). layla was super surprised and excited when I told her.2012-10-13

tuesday: gramma bought a mini pumpkin for each of the kids. layla and micah had fun decorating them with sharpies. layla’s was quite traditional (yet feminine), and micah drew a pirate on one side and his preschool teacher (pictured below) on the other. LOL!2012-10-131

thursday: sometime after dinner (well before 8pm), shane PASSED out on the couch. he was still there, several hours later when I went to bed, and wound up staying there all night.038

saturday: some friends of ours got dave some tickets to the UW vs. USC game and he took layla (who has obviously been brainwashed). she was SO excited to go to her first REAL football game! IMG_20121013_190417

and the instagrams… went a little crazy this week.177179184186188190192199201203205207002004007009011013015017020023027029035046048050052

book shots:022020

linking up at the mom creative, even though I’m a day late!PL-TuesdaySM

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  1. Such a nice lot of photos of your week, love the big smile Layla has at the football game. Thanks for sharing them with us.



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