Monday, October 8, 2012

week 40 in pictures

so, this was kind of a weird week, picture-wise. I apparently took NO pictures after sunday, until friday. which is okay because I took about a thousand on saturday.

sunday: shane, helping with some digging and tree planting/landscaping at the farm down the road. they recently had to put down one of their horses, so this was like a little memorial for him.023

friday: laurie, sewing. she was finishing up some pillow shams, valances, and a bed skirt she was making for shane’s bedroom. we screwed everything that she did at christmas up by moving to a house that did not have the exact same size and number of windows/bedrooms as our old house!040 - Copy

layla, opening a late birthday present. when gramma and papa were out at christmas, layla had picked out some fabric that she wanted gramma to make her a dress out of. the dress was her birthday present, along with this awesome personalized mug (try finding stuff with “layla” on it. just try!)043

the rest of the pictures are of the kids riding at the farm. shane has been ‘working’ for some lessons. layla begged and pleaded (in the form of an illustrated note with flip-up post-it note messages included) to get to ride, too. the horses at the farm are all too big for her to actually learn to ride, but she can go for a ride if someone else is actually ‘in charge’ of the horse (ie, on a guide rope). lynn, the owner, even invited micah to take a ride, as well!056010 - Copy148165

and some smaller ones I’ll stick in center slots.051 053159 171

and the instagrams…       


book shots:025023

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