Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my baby is FIVE!!

I don’t have a clue how that happened. sniff sniff.

**public service announcement**

there are way too many pictures in this post.

celebrating at preschool with his special snack he chose to bring to share with the class.

singing “the elephant song” while waiting.038039

singing happy birthday (complete with the “God’s blessings to you” verse… ahhh, lutheran schools! they don’t change. love it!)040041 043

after school we made a cake! a round confetti cake with blue frosting and sprinkles… per micah’s specifications.116118

and after a birthday dinner of waffles and bacon, it was time to attack the present stash.001

layla read all the cards for him.003

barrel of monkeys game from layla.005

angry birds game from shane.013

angry birds and snoopy shirt from gramma and papa, along with some ball pillows and a football night light (which he thinks is just the bomb!).016018019

old school fisher-price record player from mom and dad (along with a “blue helicopter”… one of the few things he said he wanted for his birthday).023

new football from auntie marge.027

and of course, the bigger kids have to check out his toys first.033

trying out the angry bird launcher.034

trying out the record player.035

the official 5 year old photo.036

cake time.038040

we’ll be celebrating both micah’s and my mom’s birthday this weekend with them.

the end.

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