Friday, October 19, 2012


the dog bounding across the backyard after fetching the tennis ball for the 400 millionth time. 058

he was watching chicken nuggets bake. because, you know, a lot of exciting stuff happens to them in the oven while they go from frozen to hot… or not, but he wanted to watch. and he was doing math while he was at it. practicing his grouping skills. 3 nuggets + 3 nuggets = 6 nuggets. 060

creepy. apparently “human hair is supposed to be a selling point… it just kind a creeps me out. not sure.063

this one commandeered my phone and took a selfie.069

waiting for the doctor. 082

poor kid got dragged along on my trip to urgent care. so he entertained himself with instagram. good thing it wasn’t a gyno appointment! 085087089

superman prayer.094

just kind of a cute signature, don’cha think?096

having fun while shopping at target.099101

I SO want these! I can’t believe giant silverware is making a comeback!!! add this to my christmas list!103

I know it’s keats, but all I can think of is mary poppins.105

my smartypants daughter’s math test.107

my smartypants daughter’s spelling test.109

sleeping FIVE year old!111

this tree couldn’t make up it’s mind. LOVE it!113

birthday boy at school.115

angry birds in real life.121

checking out his new retro fisher-price record player.123

and yes, I have strep. awesome.125

they keep calling them discs. they’re RECORDS!!!! 127

washing dishes…129

my latest idea to cut down the morning stress, yelling, tears, lolligagging, and general tardiness…133

working on getting all caught up.135

yes, I have an entire shelf in my pantry devoted to fruit. yum. (yeah, I just went shopping.)137

hello random assortment! 139

just some cool letters that happened to be in my face at the moment… can’t wait to see more letters of this variety in the near future!143

linking up as usual, over at life rearranged.instafridaybutton

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