Friday, October 12, 2012


this is going to be insanely long. just a warning. I didn’t post last week and this week I went a little crazy.

gorgeous tree turning red in the school parking lot.002

awesome horse shot down at the farm.004

same horse, less funny.006

in the barn. checking out the horses.008

doing things the complicated way.012

having fun with perspective at the cat’s expense.016

from september’s photo a day still: 28 – a good thing. the dog got a bath. smells so good.020

29 – errand. sent dave on an errand to buy me chocolate… and tortilla chips. I had a lot of salsa.022

all super excited, telling daddy how she got to ride a horse.025

reminiscent of my adolescence. icing my shins.027

30 – you, then. my seattle skating club jacket… circa 1988.024

onto october’s photo a day. 1 – where you stood. in the kitchen, waiting for someone to empty the recycling.020

a new month on my calendar. LOVE.022

turning into his sister. constantly writing or drawing. trail of paper everywhere…026

must be fall! my scarecrow is unpacked and keeping tabs on the neighborhood. first time on the new porch!030

2 – lunch time. the remains of my salsa.032

hello, butt strawberry. snicker snicker.034

3 – this happened today. gramma and papa are coming to town. must. have. salami!036

apparently thomas is going swimming?038

just hanging out with my scarecrow friend.001

gramma’s helper. he was in charge of putting away the pins.054

ginger and papa. good friends.173

good night… he has a habit of falling asleep places lately.175

my view of life from the couch… hanging out with a snuffly kid while everyone else was at church… recovering from my allergy attack/benedryl coma from the day before.177

the resident IT guy fixing his mom’s computer.179

and a bunch of awesome fall color around the school.184186188190

wine. the end.     192

an kid-sized water fountain that is actually kid-sized!199

so. awesome. want one. 201

it’s lily’s prayer!! minus the fun stuff.203

hello, gorgeous! I need a tree like this in my yard.205

probably the last meal’s worth of beans from the garden for this year… :( boo hoo!207

4 - what you read. current knitting pattern.002

5 – shadow.        004

6 – something you’re thankful for {one last day of sunshine}007

7 – light. coming in my front door.009

8 – angle.         011

9 – red. I love this teapot.013

naughty kitty on the counter. but I love the way he curls his tail around like that.015

11 – something close up.023

12 – on the table. 017

spinning the magnet balls.020

this dog is always in my face. love her.027

and this is where the almost 5 year old discovered instagram. his favorite thing was turning everything gray! thought it was hilarious!029035

good morning! what’s with all the elephant wrinkles on my neck??? apparently that’s the laying down version of a double chin. not sure it’s any better.046

this cat is NOT picky.048

occupying space together. sort of.050

we finally lit the fireplace. ginger is a fan.052

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