Sunday, October 28, 2012

harvest festival at church

today, after church, was our annual ‘harvest festival’. layla was VERY insistent that we go, since we were mean parents and skipped it last year. there was a lot of kid-friendly food, coloring stuff, game stations, prizes, story time, etc…

after eating, micah went straight for the giant pumpkin to pound in golf tees.073

layla spent a good 20 minutes coloring this before she even left the table to play the games.074

pumpkin hockey was a HUGE favorite, especially of micah. I actually had to pull him away at one point so other kids could play. I had several adults tell me I needed to sign him up for hockey because he was so good!078

shane got roped into helping out in many areas. he spent the church hour cooking, he passed out candy to the ‘trick or treaters’ at the end, and spent the main part manning the ‘lolly pop tree’ station. also known as the leaning tower of suckers.079

basically, you pick a lollypop. if your lollypop has a regular stick, you just get the lollypop. if your lollypop has a colored stick, you get the lollypop AND a prize. (I just wrote lollypop a lot of times.) lollypop.080

more coloring! 081

more pounding…084

those are all the pictures I have because my camera battery was dying.

I love that we seem to always have several ‘halloween’ events leading up to it and the kids get to wear their costumes more than once. of course, I guess I have to go and get the rest of micah’s costume…

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