Sunday, October 28, 2012

harvest festival at church

today, after church, was our annual ‘harvest festival’. layla was VERY insistent that we go, since we were mean parents and skipped it last year. there was a lot of kid-friendly food, coloring stuff, game stations, prizes, story time, etc…

after eating, micah went straight for the giant pumpkin to pound in golf tees.073

layla spent a good 20 minutes coloring this before she even left the table to play the games.074

pumpkin hockey was a HUGE favorite, especially of micah. I actually had to pull him away at one point so other kids could play. I had several adults tell me I needed to sign him up for hockey because he was so good!078

shane got roped into helping out in many areas. he spent the church hour cooking, he passed out candy to the ‘trick or treaters’ at the end, and spent the main part manning the ‘lolly pop tree’ station. also known as the leaning tower of suckers.079

basically, you pick a lollypop. if your lollypop has a regular stick, you just get the lollypop. if your lollypop has a colored stick, you get the lollypop AND a prize. (I just wrote lollypop a lot of times.) lollypop.080

more coloring! 081

more pounding…084

those are all the pictures I have because my camera battery was dying.

I love that we seem to always have several ‘halloween’ events leading up to it and the kids get to wear their costumes more than once. of course, I guess I have to go and get the rest of micah’s costume…

week 43 in pictures

sunday: we were celebrating my mom’s birthday… about a week late. I made some special carrot cupcakes with the most divine cream cheese frosting. no, I shouldn’t eat frosting with cream cheese in it, but I did. and it was good.008

monday: you’d think we had pet reptiles or something, with they way these two gravitate to the fireplace…014

wednesday: spent the afternoon making a little freebie DIY pennant banner. I needed a little fall color.070

thursday: cross country final. I LOVE this picture.043

friday: I DON’T love this picture, but it’s the best I’ve got. Layla and friend (I mean, rapunzel and flapper chick) kinect dancing at the monster mash at the school. some justin bieber song…055

saturday: end of season soccer party at our house… coach dave getting ready to hand out awards.061

some skinnies to stick in the center slots: 1. mom blowing out her birthday candle (73 wouldn’t fit on a cupcake). 2. micah’s prize “finger” that he “won” under suspicious circumstances playing bingo at the monster mash – he is absolutely in love with this thing. took it to bed with him. panics if he can’t find it… who knew? 3. boy and daddy sideline snuggle/cheer for layla’s team. 4. coach dave getting smothered by all his players.009 056060 063

and another grid of instagrams. guess I’ll have to find a drawing or homework item to stick on the backside of this.2012-10-271

book shots:010013

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Friday, October 26, 2012



“these are my first boots. they got really stinky. and these are my second boots.”145

my fashion designer at it again… but when do I tell her that’s not how you spell peace? the prospect of this blue-haired fashionista walking around in a shirt that says “peas” kills me every time I think about it. just. too. funny.147

pumpkin patch aftermath on my shoes.169

pumpkin patch aftermath on my car.002

receiving his birthday present from grandma and grandpa. new converse (or to micah, “cool shoes”). these wound up being too big and got exchanged for some red lace up ones.005

for some reason, ginger decided to sleep UNDER layla’s bed.013

a moment of kid-free relaxation. ahhh…018

we arrived at preschool a little to early for drop off. love all the fall trees and bushes around right now.016

a break in the rain while the kids are all at school meant a walk for the dog and me! she was beyond happy to get out and sniff something other than her own backyard.021

found this lovely red leaf all alone.023

needed to add some fall color inside so I made this pennant banner to hang on the mantel.025

some crafting lead to the floor being littered with fall-colored hole punches… ginger’s nose found one.027

labradors are notoriously dedicated about food. I had a crusty casserole dish for her to help me with. she got it jammed into the corner and under the cupboards, but she was still going to town.030

another angle.032

some morning bible study. and coffee. always coffee.034

this cracked me up. it’s an ugly sweater for dogs. it even calls itself what it is. I guess I know where to go if my dog gets invited to an ugly sweater party this christmas!036

hello, very cool-looking sky!038

just shoving in the cheerios.071

“camping”. she was using the wood chips to make ‘campfires’. then we took marshmallows (leaves with long stems) and roasted them over the campfire. then we made s’mores out of them (sandwich the leaf between two large, flat-ish wood chips and pull off the stem), and pretended to eat them.041

random military helicopter flyover at the cross country meet.044

awwww… LOVE.048

a particularly poignant paragraph in a book I’m reading.050

morning cuddles w/ my coffee and cat.059

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Monday, October 22, 2012

week 42 in pictures

42. that means there are only 10 weeks left in this year! wow. didn’t 2012 just start???

this week is a little bit not sunday through saturday. I was sick, then we had a birthday, so there are gaps and abundances that fill in the week. I have lots of posts about stuff this week, so be sure to check out the internal links.

sunday: layla snapped some blurry pics of micah and I playing uno after church. 077

monday: hooray for urgent care.2012-10-15

tuesday: micah’s official “last day to be 4” picture.002

wednesday: celebrating micah’s birthday with his preschool class. while waiting for everyone to finish washing their hands, micah requested “the elephant song”. it was enlightening.2012-10-1314

a little one of my gorgeous boy to stick in a center slot.041

he and layla helped me make his birthday cake. licking the beaters is the best… as is watching the cake bake, I guess.2012-10-171

the official 5 year old picture. SO perfect.036

saturday: our wheelbarrow load of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!166

I have collages from micah’s birthday and the pumpkin patch that I’m also including, but those pics can all be seen in other posts.

and the instagrams… I ran out of my 2x2 (coin collectors) pocket pages, and decided that, assuming I can make it work number-wise and dimensions-wise, I want to try to make a grid collage of the little squares each week… this week it worked. we’ll see what happens next week.

this one will be 8x10:2012-10-18

and this one will be 5x7. micah’s school picture (which he had taken this week) will go on the back side of this in the book, as soon as I get it back.2012-10-20

I know they’re not exactly square. I’m trying not to let it bother me, so I’d appreciate it if you would just pretend they are. thanks so much, you’re the best.

book shots:017015


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