Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what I wore wednesday

iiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s wednesday again!!! which means it’s time for me to brag about all of my incredibly well-thought out and likely expensive fashion endeavors prove to the world that I didn’t wear jammies all week. well, not all week…wiwwwednesday:011

  • tank: old navy, thrifted
  • cardigan: handmedown
  • jeans: thrifted
  • flip flops: kohls
  • earrings: target
  • scarf: thrifted022

I was SO excited to find this scarf! it’s gorgeous! very silvery and shimmery, the blue flowers and so cute, AND it’s short! for somebody like me, who is of the not-so-tall persuasion, really long scarfs (or even standard length scarfs) can sometimes be a little overwhelming. you know? it’s like, “how many times can I wrap this thing around my neck before you can’t see my head anymore?” at any rate, this one is awesome and I love it and expect to see it on me a lot!

I also found the process of trying to take a picture to be quite entertaining. I have a ‘people dog’, meaning, wherever her people are, that is where she thinks she belongs, too. if you sit down somewhere, the only reason you could possibly be sitting down is for the purpose of giving her some love and attention… at any rate, it took several shots and a good, firm “SIT! STAY!” to keep her out of the picture. as is, you can still see her foot in the “good one” above. oh well, you get what you get…


thursday:   003

yeah, totally awesome picture taking this week…

  • top: fred meyer
  • cami: handmedown (not that it’s really that important)
  • jeans/capris? whatever it is I’m wearing from the waist down…
  • necklace/earrings: handmedown from my mom


I have to say that, so far, since getting my hair cut, this was my FAVORITE way I’ve styled it so far. it’s growing on me… we’ll just say that much.


I don’t have a picture of what I wore to church, but I can show you what my almost 5 year old DIDN’T wear:234

that’s right, SHOES! yup, we’re those parents, and this is THAT kid. we’re half-way to church (which is a good 30 minutes away, if we’re lucky) and dave looks back to see micah’s unshod feet and asks, “do you have shoes?”



so he went to sunday school, church, subway, and back to church for a meeting we had to attend in his SOCKS…

tuesday: (I had my daughter take pics for me here, she’s pretty much the only one I like to have do it. somehow, I don’t feel as stupid asking her as I would asking, say, my husband or 13 year old… and the almost 5 year old is not so trustworthy with the camera… at any rate, I didn’t consider the sunrise going on behind me, and thus the halo/aura thing going on. had we not been in a hurry, I probably would have noticed this and had her change her angle, but oh well. such is life. I’m not entering any photography contests here…)004

  • tank: target
  • cardigan: gap, thrifted
  • skirt: j crew, thrifted
  • saltwaters: nordstrom a million years ago
  • jewelry: family heirloom
  • belt: g-sale find!


{and btw, you can totally unclog the nastiest of nasties, when when it comes to clogged toilets, in this outfit!}

and once again, we had the attack of the “love me” dog.


all the ‘outtake’ pictures crack me up. if you’re not a dog person, or you don’t know labs, you probably don’t appreciate these too much and feel free to ignore. I think they’re hysterical and plan to include them a lot. hey. it’s life. and this is my blog about my life and I stinkin’ love this dog. I know everybody thinks their dog is the best dog, but I’m on my second lab now, and I’m pretty convinced that this is the only kind of dog I ever want to own.

I will admit that I was attacked by jammies and/or sweats and/or old jeans a couple of days this week… what can I say? they overpowered me. part of it was garage sale set up/tear down, and part of it was not feeling well and spending a day on the couch or staying home with my daughter who was not feeling well and spent the day on the couch… I WILL do better.

link up! it’s fun! I want to see what you’re wearing!

this week I’m joining a new link up. check it out there, as well!



  1. Love this post! Saw you and your pup on WIWW and had to stop by. We have a lab that looks just like yours and he is a people person too. Also, don't feel bad about your 5 yr old taking your pics. My seven year old does it for me sometimes too :) Heather

    1. labs are just lovely! ;) thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the outfits you have shown you have such a lovely feminine style. Love the scarf around the waste and the fred meyer top too and the stitched belt. Thanks for joining in with WW

    1. thanks for checking me out! i'm excited about another fashion link-up!

  3. I love your outtake photos! I tried to get my 4 year old to help me with my photos this week - his first one was upside-down! I had to post it because it's pretty funny. I often enjoy the 'behind the scenes' ones more than the 'real' ones! Great outfits this week - they look practical but still stylish and feminine. I like it!

    1. usually my outtakes aren't quite that fun. i just delete the ones that are blurry or have really weird facial expressions!



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