Wednesday, September 12, 2012

what I wore wednesday


so… apparently I was bad at taking pictures last week… oops.

thursday:   005

  • top: weekenders
  • skirt: h&m, thrifted
  • jade necklace: family heirloom

I think my mother called me as soon as I was standing there to take the picture. well, hi mom. I guess you’re an accessory!

friday:       010

  • top: target
  • skirt: handmedown
  • flip flops: kohls

golly I want to reach into that picture and fold down the bottom of my shirt! wish I would have caught that.

tuesday:    001

  • shirt: old navy
  • hoodie: lucky brand, thrifted
  • pants: old navy, via handmedwon

that sweatshirt was a sweet find on a thrifting outing on monday. I have a weakness for things with hoods. I’m sure stacy and clinton would probably yell at me about it and make me throw them all away… I don’t know what it is! I did turn down a really cute striped tunic-style shirt w/ a hood that I had on. it’s still kind of haunting me… what’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse? I have that. I love thrift store shopping. it’s one of my favorite things to do ever. I have fantasies about what I could do if I had an unlimited budget in a thrift store! oh, the fun! I have a couple more items that I picked up that I’m sure you’ll see next week.

I do have to say that, seeing these pics, I’m not loving my new hair. it’s got a sort of ‘triangle head’ look to it, which I HATE. apparently I need to figure out a different way to style it. I liked it the first few days, but now it just doesn’t seem to be working for me… hmmm…

here we go. linking up again with the pleated poppy. and hoping I do better next week!

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  1. see, I was looking at your pictures thinking how cute your hair looked!



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