Sunday, September 23, 2012

week 38 in pictures

sunday: crazy micah. he was in the bathroom for a while, and when I went to investigate, this is what I found. just taking a bath in the sink. for some unknown reason…010

also sunday: the picture of micah’s feet with no shoes on them, on the way to church on sunday. yup, he forgot his shoes.


monday: micah, looking contemplative about his train…004

tuesday: this is where I always find micah when I come to pick him up from preschool. I love watching him play when he doesn’t know I’m there yet. it used to always be that he was digging for treasure. lately, he’s always trying bury the slide.001

wednesday: I spent the morning cleaning out the van. it is crazy how much stuff was in there.010

and I’m also including the ‘clean’ pictures, AND the list of stuff I pulled out!2012-09-22

friday: micah, being brave and peaking around the corner while dave was playing super mario brothers. micah is super scared of any bowser’s castle levels (in mario kart, he won’t drive those courses), so he always has to leave the room. it’s pretty cute.005

saturday: more soccer. layla started the game as goalie again.010

and the instagrams…002006008047003003008010012014018022025012014016019

book shots:034031

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