Sunday, September 16, 2012

week 37 in pictures

sunday: after church and our sunday school meeting, we met up with cole at a nearby park to say hey and see his cyclocross race. we also FINALLY remembered to bring his “christmas present” that we got for him last year… “john wayne toilet paper – it’s rough, it’s tough, and it won’t take crap of of anybody”.

monday: micah, who doesn’t eat tacos (big surprise), had a plate full of uno cards for dinner that night… someday he’ll eat, right?003

tuesday: micah’s first day of pre-k!002  notice that he’s sitting on the “M” on the rug. he is under the impression that all Ms are his. I really hope nobody else in the class has a name that starts with M…003

wednesday: layla had what turned out to be her FINAL physical therapy appointment! she’s graduated! her flexibility and range of motion in BOTH ankles/heel cords is such that she no longer needs to go to PT or wear her orthotics! HOORAY!!!004

thursday: micah had his first ever eye doctor appointment. I’m happy to report that his eyes are just fine. and he loved the stylin’ sunglasses dr. sahota gave him.2012-09-16

saturday: sleepover aftermath. shane ‘wasn’t tired’… but he just happened to take a 3 hour nap that afternoon…233

and a couple littles I am going to stick in center slots.013003

and the instagrams…


book shots:038036

and that’s week 37. linking up again at the mom creative for project life tuesday.



  1. Love the photo catching the teeth brushing!

  2. Hi Rachel, first time here visiting from The Mom Creative! That's wonderful news about your daughter Layla, you must be so happy and excited. And that photo and comment about the Uno cards sure made me smile. I feel the same away about our boys sometimes....
    Ronnie xo

  3. That's so funny about the letters. My eldest is the same with the letter L..or was until he finally gave in and agreed that L was for his brother's name too.



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