Monday, September 10, 2012

week 36 in pictures

what a CRAZY week!!!! I was exhausted this weekend, I wonder why??!!!

sunday: starting the week of with a bang on our crazy anniversary hike of the tolt pipeline.090

monday: painting subliminal messages into layla’s bedroom walls.IMG_20120903_200326

tuesday: shane and layla on the first day of school.026

thursday: at the library, the first thing layla and micah do is argue over who gets to push the disabled accessible button to open the door. then they run in and take turns climbing on the bench and drinking out of the fountain while the other one pushes the button. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.045

also thursday: open house at micah’s preschool. he was beyond excited to get to go. last year, his teacher asked me several times if he EVER talked. this night, I don’t think he ever shut up from the moment we walked in until we left. he’s been asking every day ever since, how many days left until he starts. 046

friday: celebrating my dad’s 69th birthday!022

saturday: first soccer game of the season for layla. this is also the first year they are using goalies, and layla got to be the FIRST ever diamonds goalie! she did really well! only one got by her, and we wound up winning the game, 6-5.019

and a couple extras I’ll slip into the middle slots.027020

and then there are SIX big collages I’m putting into the middle of this week. like I said, busy week.

2 are dedicated to our anniversary hike.2012-09-1012012-09-102

1 for our spontaneous indoor slide.2012-09-103

1 for painting layla’s room.2012-09-104

1 for the first day of school.2012-09-10

and one for the random extras.2012-09-108

and then there are the instagrams…


book shots: 042039

and then… that’s it!

linking up again this week at the mom creative.


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  1. Looks like a fun week! Too funny about the subliminal messages you painted :-) That mattress slide is pure awesomeness!



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